A Writer Always has a Place to Go

This mind of memory beckons me to attend, to come back to the sore places and sort out some truth. I’ve known it from the start, even shared it with the boy when he questioned me, “why are you doing this?” My answer was simple and honest, “because we know suffering, too.” People who loved us, loved me in particular, offered a word of caution to my sister, “Andrea is awfully sensitive to be taking this on.” She was right, I knew it from the start, but some bridges have to be crossed despite the cost. At least that is what I believed at the time. Tonight, I just know our hearts were in the right place, and that just has to be enough. It must…

Time is a strange companion. It is always present, yet always carrying us forward, and still keeping us connected to what has already passed by.

I’m changed by it all; changed in ways I’m not too happy with, but maybe they are there for a needful purpose. Maybe I needed a stronger backbone and a fuller heart that accounts for so much that cannot be otherwise grown within one like me. And then there’s this: There is a purpose that is far bigger than my feelings or even than this one lifetime. When we believe that lives are souls – eternal in nature – then we grasp the gravity of moments, of relationships, of costs…

2022 has come and 2019 is fading into the background, but the changes in myself and those I love linger close, and I pray for all of even the hardest of the things we’ve endured to ultimately be used for good for us – that we will be the ones who love the Lord and are called according to His purposes. Times and seasons change, but the truth of God and His enduring Word never do…

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