I have heard that black and white are easily discerned, the one from the other, but white and off-white are hard to tell a part. So many old sayings are good for the mind. They cause us to consider the need to look closely, pay attention, and be sure of what is before us.

After hearing some disturbing news and seeing tears fill the eyes of a precious young person this morning, the words of an old hymn have haunted:

“Be careful indeed, sow only good seed. We’ll reap whatsoever we sow.”

I imagine the heart of God as He looks upon His creation – grieving as the Book said He did – when he saw the sin and rebellion of so many. Over time, I’ve grown enough in my walk with Him to grieve over my own sin and the sins of others, too, because there is a better way. He has shown it to us in painstaking detail. The life of Jesus, His lessons so patiently taught to those around Him; His faithfulness to His Father, and His uncompromising compassion for the lost, the lonely, and the lame.

No wonder the right path is described in scripture as straight and narrow and goes on to say that only few will find it. When it is costly, most aren’t willing to pay. When it is uncomfortable, most aren’t willing to stay. When it is heated, most flee from the fire. When it is humiliating – then the number dwindles to nearly nothing. How sad that humans esteem the opinions of other men and women more than the favor of God. Oh yes, I grieve…

I grieve because I’m just an old girl, much like the young girl I once was, so wishing to breathe hope into what appears a hopeless situation; raising and waving red flags that no one wants to see; thinking maybe its just time to go home and tend my plants and pray in the garden where I can at least know my heart is read accurately and my ears are spared what hinders and offends…How different things would be if lovingkindness and humility ruled hearts and the gospel of peace was shared in the pure form of loving one another. Then, then the church would revive and the lost would be found and healing would, no doubt, abound…

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