Been here almost a year, just almost, and the previous homeowner who owns some lots next to us said through his realtor that the lots go with this home, but he wouldn’t discuss selling them to us until after we completed the purchase of the home. Now…that makes no sense, but we were in a hurry, trying to do the next right thing for our family. If only we had known what all was ahead on that front we might not have bought here anyway, but we didn’t know and this seemed the best place at the time.

We were offered first right of refusal if/when they were ready to talk of selling the land. We had a letter left in our box (not mailed) just dropped in by the previous owners a few weeks ago offering us the land at quite a high price, much higher than other lots recently sold on the mountain. Erick has done his research and knows what the lots were purchased for previously and what all the ones nearby have sold for along with what others are currently priced, so we have said we can’t offer what is not in line with these.

Today I came home from my parents’ house – a day they needed a visit. There were little orange flags placed along our drive and there are for sale by owner signs on the adjoining property. Erick was home when the gentleman came and did his thing with the flags but he didn’t come to the door. Imagine it’s a bit easier to keep business business when we don’t face the humans affected by our decisions. I don’t necessarily think that is a good thing, but it is a real thing – don’t I know it!

I well remember when Erick and I were young, 25 years ago and had just purchased our brand new home. We were so thrilled – just loved the view out the back over the ridge thick with trees. A neighbor came over upset saying he got a letter from the DOT saying they were going to build a bypass and would be taking their property. We investigated and found out they would be taking the neighbor’s, but they would not take ours. Instead, the bypass would run right behind our house. We would then overlook a bridge. Oh, the disappointment for a while. Indeed the neighbors’ home was bought and demolished and then, we waited. 25 years later, there is still no bypass and no bridge behind that house. We’ve sold that home and moved on, and here we are again with angst over what is to be beside, behind (whatever) our home.

For me, I am no longer too worried about any of that. I’m sorry for my sweet man, though, who works so hard and tries to make good decisions for his family only to bump up against things that make for heaviness on his shoulders. I’m reading a book about a displaced family in South Sudan who spent time in a refugee camp where food and clean water were scarce after having been driven from their village by ruthless forces who had no compassion. That makes any of what we face or have faced seem mighty small…

I often think of scripture’s lessons, too, that remind us again and again that all in this world is temporary. It is not sinful to enjoy home and to build a life where we are so long as we remember Who provides and not to hold too tightly to anything that is meant to be temporary. I surely can say that it would be a better world if we all treated others as we want to be treated. Business is typically not handled that way. I hate that, but it is true. We end up with each party hoping for the best outcome for themselves even at the expense (loss) of the other fellow. I don’t want to be that way.

I had such a pleasant drive to Mama and Daddy’s house early in the day. I got there and saw Daddy’s garden thriving and marveled at all the years The Lord has provided, and He continues, for my elderly parents and for all our family. I hope I hold loosely to all else and hold firmly to gratitude and grace. I often find myself wanting to hand faith over to another who needs firming up. Though mine sometimes is a bit wobbly, The Holy Spirit is faithful to correct me pretty quickly and have me look at what all has already been given in great grace and mercy. Maybe if this land sells, it will be to neighbors that we can bless and will bless us, too. Maybe, just maybe, if it doesn’t sell anytime soon, the price will fall to an amount Erick is happy to pay. Regardless, I’m so very thankful to have a pleasant place to lay my head, food for my belly, clean water to drink, and a place where peace rests gently in my heart despite what may trouble outside the door…

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  1. Angie Lewis says:

    I’m sorry. I know Erick is distressed. They can’t take away your view and I doubt it sells anyway. But if it does and someone builds, they might become your best friends. Prayers for peace. Send me a pic of the flags tomorrow.

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