I think I’ll Take the Long Way Home…

The extra time and the slow drive there invites clear thoughts to speak. Both mothering and teaching require words for others, but this life, too – mine – needs their own space to breathe. Words are important. Nothing is more important than true words other than believing them – believing them is necessary for well-lived lives to unfold, for love to be understood, and for souls to find their worth…

When I lose the ability to reach another with true words, I’ve lost my means of connection, and I feel it – the loss – as if what held us together has been cut. And now, you there, somewhere beyond my reach, and I, here, just waiting for a miracle. These hands – empty – powerless, and my heart’s only hope – The One who holds the world…

I’ve taken to driving the back way home, slow – up the one narrow lane that is shared by travelers going both ways – looking with sad wonder at the brilliant beauty of the season; guessing as to how many are missing it – eyes downcast instead of feasting on autumn’s beauty. Sunroof open, golden light spills inside – warms my hands on the familiar wheel. I hear dry leaves rustle, falling through air.

What a world…as leaves fall to make ready for rest that will bring new growth in spring, camellias open their soft, broad petals in welcome of cold nights and bright days. If only we humans could be as compliant, accepting, and radiant as the rest of nature, the suffering would be given an honorable nod equal to that which we give to joy. We would count it all part of God’s good design and not resist the gifts of every season.

I think I’ll take the long way home again, and give thanks for all the glory that I can see…the bronze and gold, red, green, gray, brown, and silver hues all hint of varieties of blessings awaiting those who have eyes to see…

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2 Responses to I think I’ll Take the Long Way Home…

  1. Joyce Morris says:

    Hello Andrea!
    I enjoy reading your “blogs.” You are a gifted writer and a wise servant of God. I hope you are saving copies of the blogs for the book you will publish someday. Love and hugs!

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