I don’t have these answers for Christian Churches and Christian Schools, but I know they are worth finding.

Because I’ve been in church my whole life save for a few years of trying to determine whether or not there was still a place for me there, and because I believe spiritual matters are the deepest most significant of all, I can’t just let disturbing things that come to bear on the soul go.

Sunday was communion at my church. I sat waiting to take part reflecting on the reality that the church where I was saved years ago wouldn’t offer me a place at the table. I remembered the scripture that said for everyone to examine himself (herself) before participating in The Lord’s supper. With deep, abiding peace and thanksgiving that transcends words, I took of His body in humility. I gave thanks in reverent obedience by remembering His sacrifice that pardoned all my offense. May I live this out daily in my walk with Him. Is this not what being His follower requires?

I now teach in a Christian University, my son did attend and my grandson still attends a Christian school, so I’ve had to consider the ramifications of tacking the term “Christian” on to school as well.

We opted after having Noah in school outside of home for 7 years, to bring him home to homeschool for many reasons. I’m so thankful we did.

I was with a child recently who was expelled from a Christian school. I’ve known this child for many years and he had a contagious joy about him for all that time, but not anymore. There is now a deep sadness; maybe some regret, maybe some shame, but most certainly some confusion about what this all means about him as a person. I get it. I remember when I was an unusual kid, a difficult kid who caused adults trouble they didn’t have time for. I was too much trouble and I knew it, but I could not help it. Lord knows I tried. So I have a tender spot for these struggling kids, and I have intense anger over what they are coming to believe about themselves as a result of how they are viewed and treated. It matters. It matter so very much.

Kids are incredibly perceptive and sensitive to hypocrisy. They know when others are given a pass for bad behavior while they are held to account. The question is why? Do they simply not matter as much? Are they expendable somehow in ways that another child isn’t? What about grace? Where’s the line? How do we know? How much is a church to put up with, or a school? Those are the questions I’ve not been able to answer. But when I turn to scripture, to Jesus, I realize I better consider it carefully, and I best not show partiality, not if I’m claiming to be a follower. Herein lies the crux of the matter. We are held to a higher standard because of Who we say we represent. And we are dealing with tender young lives, embattled souls. Oh. How. It. Matters.

The stone throwing is an offense of man, not God. Jesus didn’t accuse. He pardoned. Had I not found this truth for myself in His Holy Word, I still wouldn’t be in church and I wouldn’t be teaching in a Christian school because what I learned from other “Christians” is that I am not fit. That’s truth. And that’s sad.

I’m still looking for answers to the questions that haunt. I ask you all to do the same.

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