twilight zone deja vu

It is with unbelieving ears that I hear news from the highest office in the land ordering commingling of the sexes in public restrooms along with the message that discomfort with his decree is rooted in ignorance and bigotry. I keep hoping I will wake up and find this to be only an odd dream.

I go back to the definition of delusion every time the topic of transgender arises. Here it is: an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.

With every other mental disorder aside from Gender Identity Disorder delusion is challenged with the goal of eradicating false beliefs and replacing them with rational, healthy, true beliefs. Why is this treated differently?

I’ve given this considerable thought as I try diligently to understand those suffering from any and all mental disorders. I care. Clearly, there are individuals who are desperate to be different from how they are made. We know this because of the lengths they are willing to go to in order to become different. I imagine perfectly well-formed, healthy bodies being subjected to hormonal injections to disrupt nature’s beautiful unfolding into a man or woman and the drastic surgical procedures that sometimes follow to add or take away from the anatomy to achieve what was not, by God’s natural design, to be. My heart literally aches for these individuals and truly I have anger toward those who aid them in such a devastating process knowing that delusion is the root problem. I can’t wrap my mind around the progression in psychiatry and medicine from the understanding of delusion as something to be corrected, to an approach that agrees to go to such drastic measures to try instead to alter physical reality to make it agree with the delusion. However, I know that relativism and postmodernism have allowed for such shifts to be made and all it takes is a few adherents to those philosophies rising to levels of great influence and authority to create what we now have; madness. It truly is.

There is no end to the concerns I have for the moral, spiritual, and psychological ramifications of the moves being made in our culture today by those who are forfeiting truth in favor of delusion. The ones losing the most are the transgender individuals themselves who instead of being offered truth in love, care, and health are being subject to brutal physical and psychological manipulation by those who should know better. God help us and help those who suffer among us, “the least of these” come in many forms. We must be careful to seek wisdom and honor truth, to discern good from evil, and to think beyond what those in authority say. After all, history reveals the worst of horrors have been enacted by those who held the power and prestige.

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