Children are a gift, a heritage from The Lord (psalm 127) Noah’s 11th birthday

Remembering Noah’s arrival and many precious days since as this day has come to us this year. Mama was here the day I went to the hospital to have Noah. She and Heather came to visit me after I was admitted. We got settle into a room a little after three o’clock that day. By 5, I was feeling the approaching labor and sent them home so that Erick and I could go through our journey together alone except for the doctor and nurses who would encourage and aid us as needed.


What a long night we had… An intense thunderstorm came through late as accompaniment to my own painful storm. For many hours all that seemed to be happening was increasing pain so of course there was concern a C-section might be needed. Some women scream and cry and even get angry during labor. I did neither, but I did ask Erick to pray and shared with him that my suffering had become “agony.” I requested, “pray hard,” and finally offered up some prayers aloud of my own and found peace as those working around me honored prayer with quiet respect…


Thankfully, around 5:15 am, Noah made his grand arrival. Erick and I both cried with joy and delight as the tiny little, blonde-haired creature with the huge blue eyes was laid in my trembling arms. Yes, we were and we are thankful for our boy…


Things Mamas remember… when still very tiny, Noah would pat us gently on our shoulders as he lay his little arms around us to rest. He was always quick with a ready smile and spilling laughter. What joy!


Other things… Noah came to us making noise and he is still filling our home with sounds, many sounds 😉 Before we left the hospital with him, the nurse explained they wanted to do some tests just to be sure all was well because sometimes noisy babies are in distress and that is the source of their utterances. She offered, though, her thoughts, “I don’t believe this baby is in any distress; I just think he is a talker.” No truer words have ever been spoken!


After being home with him only a couple of nights, Erick gently shared with me he could not sleep with Noah in the room with us because of all the sounds he made even when he slept. My little grunter, talker, cooer just had too much to share to quieten down…


Once able to talk, he named us “Mahee and Daddio.” So adorable he was, puttering around every afternoon for several weeks/months asking Erick for, “tools, Daddio, tools.” Erick would bring in wrenches of all shapes and sizes for Noah to inspect until that fascination faded and was replaced by enthusiasm for bigger, better “tools.” He LOVED tractors, weed-eaters, chain saws, air compressors, and 4-wheelers (which he called Big Foe Wheeders). Such fun times watching him soak up the big, friendly world he enjoyed.


We graduated to a love for dinosaurs, then legos, science fiction, and now sports. What an adventure it has been with Noah. Before school age, he and I made our rounds in town each week. The grocery store, the book store, the play place, Duffy’s Deli and Panera Bread (to name a few) where he had friends who still remember him by name. Back then he always wore a smile and never met a stranger. He loved striking up conversations about Bible stories at the veggie place “Pic-o-deli” with strangers walking by our table or lingering near in line. He would often say, “Mama’s pretty house” as we drove into the driveway returning from our outings. He has been such a delightful companion to me and to Erick, coming as he did quite late in our marriage. We had been married for 10 years when Noah came along. Heather was a junior in high school and I had told Erick before we married I intended to have no more children. This was a shock to him at that time and something that could have been a deal breaker, but as he came back to me and shared after much thoughtfulness over the matter, “I can’t marry someone I don’t love just because I want to have children. I love you.”


After 9 years of Erick’s patience, The Good Lord changed my heart and opened it to the gift of new life, hope, and peace. Trusting Him with all things, I shared with Erick I had become ready for a baby. What JOY it has brought us both.


I’ve come to realize through this and other experiences that The Lord truly orders our steps. His ways are foreordained and are good, far better than we could make for ourselves. His gifts come at the perfect time and accomplish purposes beyond what we can foresee.


It is a happy birthday, not just for Noah, but for us, too.


If I had to give one word for what I experience when I look at Noah it would be “grace.” Grace is unmerited favor an unearned, abundant gift. For this and all others, I give thanks.


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