How close are we?

Much is stirring in my heart this morning as I try to piece together a coherent narrative.

I often chastise myself inwardly for being such a wrestler. Seems I’m always taken to task inside my heart over something in need of resolve. As I was having one of these moments this morning, I was reminded of Jacob, Martha, Peter, and Paul. I guess we all come from a long line of strugglers.

Maybe we are meant to labor in order to birth deeper understandings and greater love…

I also had this thought, “I crave peace in the body of Christ.” The next thought, “just how close should we be to one another?” Well, “the body” answers that question. If we take the lesson, we clearly see that any part of the body being sick, wounded, or weak alerts every other part, draws attention to the need for healing and care so that we will attend as required so the body is made well again. That’s close…

As I shared how the words “crave peace” describes my experience, clarification of this is made by the scripture that speaks of hungering and thirsting for righteousness. Hunger and thirst are uncomfortable states and the longer we go without food and water the greater the discomfort gets until, if not found, death results. How many relationships die as a result of not feeding and watering? Many…may it not be ours.

The Spirit of reconciliation has been on my mind in recent days as I’ve grappled with how to go about making peace. When I look at the cross, I see the ultimate effort and accomplishment of providing a way for reconciliation. I hear in my heart, “how many times do we need to forgive? 70 x 7.” How, I ask, do we navigate the difficulties we face, especially in the body? Only by willingness to live out Christ’s example, and we cannot do this apart from obedience and surrender to His Spirit; this is a continual need on the part of each member.

I’ve lived, in years past, the brokenness of division within the body. Knowing that sin is always the root, I took upon myself the guilt and shame of my part in the matter. How deep and long the anguish of separation from those we love? Only those who have been there can answer that.

Hours spent on bended knees digging in the dirt of my small flower garden with silent prayers emanating endlessly always brought me to the foot of the cross. The question I seemed to always ask is, “how, Lord, can you still love me?”

His answer finally made it through my long-held misunderstanding and false beliefs and penetrated my heart to its core, “You are mine.”

Well meaning people are still just people. Like you and me, all are flawed, subject to pride and error. The Lord reserved judgment to Himself, appointing us to “do all as unto Him.”

In dealing with self and other, we are to be most careful to remember His ever presence, His authority, and His love. Only He knows all so I/we must walk carefully accounting for what we don’t know. The cross shows us the worth of lives and souls to God. May we measure the same…every life is worth saving.

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