His, not mine…

It’s been a long day and I’m having difficulty settling. So many thoughts, prayers, concerns, and busyness.

I had the blessing of another day at home with two boys so precious to my heart. I kept a close check on the news in between trips here and there, keeping these little guys occupied and keeping myself doubly so.

Much heaviness I carry in my heart as I look to them, clueless for the most part, about the changes in our world, the chaos and upheaval, the discord and dismay. As it should be, much is kept from their listening ears so that childhood days can be just that, days of being a child, unburdened by what is beyond their ability to understand.

After Noah was sound asleep, I went into the living room and turned on the news to find the White House bathed in lights, colored like a rainbow. The colors were said to be in honor of the gay flag. My heart sank ever deeper as these thoughts responded to the words and images before me:

When I step outside and lift my eyes to find a rainbow arching above me in the vast sky, I see the handiwork of my Creator and I remember His promise. His faithful character is expressed by kept promises going all the way back to a garden of plenty where He placed the first man and woman, the very first couple. He did not leave them without instruction, nor has he left us without.

The rainbow, so startlingly beautiful, so soft yet brilliant, He placed in the sky to remind us of a promise, a promise to His creation.

He communicates with us through His Word, through His Son, and through all He has made. The rainbow with all its glory is His, and we, too, are His…

Nature is one of the most comforting of my experiences. This is so because I cannot see it without pondering, in amazement, over The One who made it all. The sights, sounds, smells, and textures draw my thoughts always to Him, to His goodness, His majesty, His wisdom and loving kindness.

I won’t be touting pride of any sort knowing as I do that pride is the very source of that which pulls me away from Christ. Pride in self harmfully alters every type of relationship.

I find celebration of “gay pride” to be deeply troubling and the misuse of God’s colorful bow in the clouds, heartbreaking. This hurt is not hate; far from it. It’s rooted in a love for ALL souls of every persuasion imaginable.

I pray for The Holy One to give light to the eyes that cannot see, to soften hearts toward truth, and to heal all that is broken. That is love, friends, not hate; love for God and love for His creation; His, not mine.

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