The Exchange

img_3330.jpgWeighing many thoughts, I settle here: becoming a follower of Christ is no less than exchanging self for Him. It is diminishing concerns natural to me as surrender to His Ways takes precedence over all. It is taking every thought captive in obedience to Christ knowing that my life has been fully given into His Hands. It is commitment to cutting away all that conflicts with His commands so that no contradictions exist between His ways and any and all areas of my life. It is a daily “dying,” as Paul says, to sin so that Christ lives in and through me. It means my feelings, my thoughts, my words are measured by His standard and all to Him is given without holding anything back. It means hearing His voice when it opposes my own and turning my back to self so that I can see only Him. It shines light on His greatness and my smallness; His strength and my weakness; His knowing and my not; His goodness and my ugly. It is knowing my need of a Savior and my identity as Redeemed in Hands of Mercy.

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