In the middle…

At 44, I have friends in their 70s and friends in their late teens, early twenties, and all the ages in between. I have an adult child, a young child, and a grandchild. My parents are aging and their friends are passing. I see and hear it all…

Being the sensitive soul that is me, I can’t see without also feeling and thinking…

To the young, I want to say, “slow down, spend time being still, listen to older people who have been where you are, and remember, it is you that cannot relate to where they are since they have been where you are but you have yet to make the journey they have made through the course of time…

I want to say also, “enjoy…soak up all that is good and life enhancing; shun all else. Spend no time on drama, on jealousy, on greed. Invest yourself in the precious moments of today.”

As I look on those so far ahead of me, I wonder at what I will desire most when I reach their place, if I am blessed to have those years. What I think I will most want to know is that I’ve added kindness to many lives and taught, by example, how to enjoy goodness, how to love unselfishly, how to share joy graciously, how to forgive and how to bless, how to give thanks in all things…

I hope Riley will always have a love of flowers and will delight in tending as good things grow; that Noah will love learning and sharing and laughing with full acceptance of God’s good plans that are designed for him; that Heather will see herself through my eyes…her tiny self that I so adored, her teenage self that I could hardly believe was my girl because her beauty and liveliness was so amazing to my eyes, her adult self that I prayed for with every beat of my heart and breath I breathed, for her to be loved as she deserves and cherished so deeply that the hands to hold hers will be always tender, ever kind, gentle and true…That Erick will look back over the shared years and say, “together, life was rich and pure and our legacy is one of lasting joy.” All of these gifts are manifest blessings of a life lived according to God’s will, granted by His good pleasure, offered freely to those who come to Him with open hearts and surrendered hands.

“O taste and see that the Lord is good. How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!” (Psalm 34:8)

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