…blooming, bowed down…

As I was leaving home this morning in the rain, I noticed my daffodils, some in full bloom, bowing down under the heaviness of rain that followed a hard, cold freeze. It caused me to reflect on a testimony I heard yesterday from a lady named Dana who has lost all of her vision and hearing. Her words continue to sink deeply into my heart like a slow, soaking rain. She shared…

Jeremiah 29:11 She said this scripture, she has learned is true, that The Lord’s plans for us are to do us good, not to harm us, but to give us hope and a future. She spoke about the difficulty of losing her hearing and her vision saying again and again, “it was hard, it is hard, hard, hard” but then she continued to say above and around this, “The Lord is good. He is so good and you will find Him when you seek Him. He is faithful.”

I watched her speak in darkness and quiet with a strength undeniably supernatural. I remember the scripture that says “the joy of the Lord is our strength” and this, this is her testimony whether she says these words aloud or not. The joy that He gives is beyond circumstantial. It is deep and abiding, an anchor that holds in every storm of every kind.

I heard sorrow in her words but deeper than sorrow was the joy that emanated as she shared, as she spoke to a group of young people admonishing and encouraging them not to miss what is in front of them, not to waste the gifts and opportunities of today because they are not guaranteed for another time. She offered thanks and praise for the days when she could see, when she could hear, for the memories that she has of music, of light.

I saw in this courageous and humble woman a living example of God’s promises lived out. She explained that with the dimming of her vision, Jesus became clearer, and with the loss of hearing, His Voice took up the space that was, before, filled with the clattering of the world.

This precious servant still teaches. Yes, she works, she speaks to groups when asked, she trusts that The Lord will use all for good. From her testimony, I’m reminded again that He can make loss into gain, sorrow into joy, and hurt into humility. In this woman, my sister in Christ, I see full bloom, bowed down. She is joyfully and faithfully surrendering to His plans, seeing with the eyes of her heart that in all things, even painful, hard things, He is loving and good. What an awesome testimony.

Because Christ has overcome this world of hurt, we can be of good cheer, loving, because He first loved us.

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