Why speak?

How much easier, more comfortable it is to remain silent, to live under the radar, to not rock the boat or challenge the status quo. Daily facing the public with thoughts and pleas places me and many others under the watchful eyes of those who might question, criticize, or assume that it is for attention, or for accolades, or for personal gain in any form. None of this really matters. What is at stake is life and belief, faith and conscience. How do I know? This is how…

I learned so very early in life that the thoughts, words, and treatment that a person endures can come to bear so heavily as to determine whether a person stays or goes. Yes, one of the most precious lives ever to touch my own, one of the kindest, purest, gentlest mothers ever to live was crushed beyond recovery. I lost, at age 6, my aunt to suicide…

I lived, personally, the devastation that results when love isn’t stronger in a life than hurt. This, this is why I speak. This is why I blog. This is why I reach out to as many as I can day by day, to offer at least one living example of care. I care about the hurting. I care about kids. I care about parents. I care about honesty and genuine relationship, about trust, and about joy. I think these are the very things I’m called to care about and I’m willing to do my part regardless of the thoughts or words of misunderstanding onlookers.

I am one of untold millions who has suffered such a loss. Check the statistics for yourselves. You may be surprised to see how many from children to the elderly succumb to a suffering many never meet. Even this, this great suffering, is called cowardice by the cruel in heart. All I can say for them, is God have mercy, for surely they know not what they do.

What we do today matters, because today, for many, will be their last.


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