still muddling through…

As has been a life-long pattern, when I struggle with outward circumstances, my body gets sick. Stress…migraines, colds, you name it, I’m a textbook case 🙂 This example demonstrates that good research always reveals at least a piece of truth.

I see a world in chaos, where people are being killed by the most brutal and painful means, in the name of religion. I see us here, in America, most of us relatively comfortable and secure and yet, under the banner of Christianity we see divides as deep and wide as those found elsewhere. How?

I look back to ancient days when a people of “faith” cried, “the temple, the temple,” persuading their own minds to believe they were in good standing with God because they had this “holy building” when inwardly they were far removed from holiness and honor.

It makes me think of us today, and question the source of division. Unimaginable to me how this looks from Heaven’s Throne where the Lord sits, down upon a people divided over the meaning of the written word. Did we not learn, from Christ’s life and His death, some steadfast meaning? Did we not learn that the Living Word in the person of Christ could be unrecognizable by the scholars of the written word? This is the danger, that we fail to know The Lord.

I must take notice of the scripture that tells us there will be some who will appeal to The Lord saying, “we’ve done wonderful works in Your Name” and He will say, “depart from Me, for I never knew you.”

Of all things, I most desire that I and that you do not miss the truth of The Savior. There is only us and Him, sinners and a Savior (not us and them). When we unite under the banner of The Living Word, The Way, The Truth, and The Life, the divide will disappear as it did on the day when the angry crowd brought the adulterous woman before The Lord and He revealed the truth of all hearts with one statement, “let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” Then He did what only He could do, He pardoned the woman and directed her how to live thereafter, “go and sin no more.”

Harmony, soul-deep, among us is what I desire. It is needed and it is possible, but it requires humility, it requires continual tending of our own hearts, and grace and love big enough to reach from east to west. He called us to do life together, bearing with one another in love. I’m praying for this very thing.

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