Nowhere I’d rather be…

We’ve had a season of weddings this fall and winter. I’ve had the opportunity to sit among well wishers as witness to precious moments, new beginnings, conclusions to certain chapters in special lives. I can’t help but feel many things; hope, love, sadness, joy, and prayerfulness. The days of our children’s lives seem to be long and slowly passing until we pause in times such as these to acknowledge the growth and change, the maturing, that has occurred. I was their age, it seems only a short time ago. Now someone calls me Granny 🙂 My, how time does fly…

Thankfully, God saw fit to bless me with another generation to love, another group of kids, this time boys, to enjoy. I found myself in the midst of little boys, stretching to the left of me and to the right of me, on the church row this morning. I wanted to reach both ways and wrap them close in a BIG hug as the reality of the fleeting years was so heavily in my heart, but I didn’t. Instead, I basked in the moment, soaking in their presence, prayerfully longing for peace and joy and good things to be the essence of their whole lives. One looked to me with the brightest, most innocent smile having no idea of the depths of my feelings or breadth of my thoughts. I smiled back, thankful for the lightness of youth, for the protection they have and time of childhood still ahead. I’m thankful, too, for the awesome gift of having this time. The Lord knew I was not ready for an empty nest when Heather was readying to leave and He ushered in a new day, rife with baby laughter, little boy clutter, and all good things that come with fresh, new life.

Though the days indeed are long and the challenges are many, there is no greater calling than parenting a child. You find yourself not only shepherding your own. The friends they make become surrogate children of your heart. You love them with unending love and your prayer life is rich with names aplenty as you offer them up with your own children’s from day to day. Hope never sleeps as I wake with their faces in mind and prayers for them in heart ever so regularly, still. There’s no place I’d rather be than in this place loving these people that God has tenderly woven into my heart.

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