Day by day…

What our current circumstance is teaching me is to live thankfully from moment to moment and day by day. I cannot allow myself to fret over an unknown future. I cannot worry about what the coming days, weeks, and months may bring. I must be fully present in the here and now. I must be committed to appreciating each moment of peace, each second of gentleness, and each breath of love.

I also find myself seeing my own life as one of a continual journey to and from a fresh water well. It is imperative that I have what is pure and good to give to nourish the little ones in my care. I can only give what I receive and I can only get what is good from The One Giver of Good Gifts…

When we were commanded to love, what a great commandment we received. One that can only be fulfilled when walking hand in hand with Jesus. In my flesh dwells no good thing but in His Spirit that lives and abides in me, there is hope aplenty to share. May I share it well, Oh Lord I pray, this day and every one I’m blessed to live.


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