And Jesus washed His disciples feet…(John 13)

This time of year, I always go back in memory to those long ago summer days of childhood. Days were long and hot and many hours were spent outside. Popsicles were a wonderful thing to little barefoot people who stayed under the bright sunny sky far too long without a water break 🙂

We seldom left home for a vacation anywhere, and we didn’t live in subdivisions like we do these days so visits with others was limited to a few who lived close by, but revival season always brought about frequent gatherings of both families and friends. These were the highlights of our summers…times and places where memories as well as values and beliefs were made.

Preceding revival season were the yearly foot-washing services. These were faithfully held but only the core churchgoers participated as this was always a solemn assembly in remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice.

When rocking my little ones, my mind has always revisited those services as I’ve held the hymns that were always a part of them close to my heart and shared them with my babies as we rocked. Though scriptures were shared during the services, it seems the words of the songs often penetrated my heart and illuminated the meanings of the rituals even more than the preaching and it is the words of those songs that still linger the most as I recall the sights and sounds of those times…

I was thinking this morning of how many things have been said of our Savior, how many suggestions have been made about who He was, what He said, what He meant, and what He did. A realization settled in me as I pondered…He never changed. In obedience to The Father’s will, He endured so much so that we could be changed; freed from the bondage of sin and its penalty. “Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all.”

How much we seek to understand only to find that the unfolding of truth reveals our inability to even begin to grasp the love that has been and continues to be poured out…merciful love, gracious love, powerful, transforming love…

I well remember the old pans and long, white, cotton towels that adorned the communion table; the pitcher of water that would pour from one to the next; the unleavened bread and the wine; the older ladies washing the younger’s feet and then the younger their elders’ while the young and old men did the same on the other side of the building from the women. There was order and reverence. There was love…

I recognize the symbolic nature of foot-washing and I believe those people who have preserved it do as well. We know that it represents serving humbly at the feet of our brothers and sisters in Christ, yet it tests the commitment, the humility, the obedience of believers as we recall these words…”as oft as you do this, do it in remembrance of Me.”

There is much to be said for a sincere heart. Scripture tells us that The Lord looks on the heart. He knows those who are His own and they know Him. They follow His voice and do not follow another.

I’m thankful for good memories and for opportunities to share truth in love. I’m thankful for scripture that clarifies and does not change.

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