Teachable Moments in the Life of a Child…

I give much thought to ways I can share with my little ones the things that matter most to my heart, to let them truly know the heart that loves them with every beat. As the sun was rising this morning and sending out its golden light to awaken what dwells underneath its warmth, my thoughts were drawn to all the good that the Lord gives Whether rich or poor, alone or with others, blessings abound. I watch the light and hear the awakening songs of the birds and see the stirrings of the squirrels as they and other small creatures greet the day with renewed vigor. There is a flurry of activity as they go about finding nourishment that has been provided for their need. How can we look upon this and not see the order and minute details of divine design lovingly crafted?

As I ponder the goodness of God’s character expressed so clearly in His creation, I often mention the wonder and glory of it all to Noah and Riley. To Noah on the drive in to school, we take the winding back roads that lead us along open pastures that in winter glaze over with frost sparkling like diamonds in the brightness of morning light. I say to him, “look and see this amazing scenery! The colors so rich, even the colors in winter with the richness of the evergreens and the pink and blues of the morning sky. We sometimes see the hay bales, food for animals that grew right from the ground and I speak of the way the dew and frost soak into the earth providing the moisture needed for life to thrive…

We typically have Riley one evening a week and I delight to call him to the large picture window that overlooks the wooded hills behind our house and have him look with me at the sunset that colors the sky blanketing the treetops with quiet hues of grays and blues underneath. I remind him that “The Lord colors the sky. He causes the sun to rise and to set and He gives us the beauty of it to look upon because He is good.” I can now call him at this special time of day and find him looking past me to the sky knowing exactly why I called. With delight he jumps into my arms and looks with eager excitement to name the colors he sees. I ask, “who is making that beautiful sunset?” And he replies with a smile, “God is!”

Each year in Spring, I take him with me out into the yard where he sees me digging in the ugly, dark dirt and he watches with questions as I work. I tell him there will be green growth here soon and then amazing colors of all kinds will unfold, just plant, water, watch, and wait. I then remind him, “the Lord gives life and he makes beautiful things grow,” and as regular as the sun each day, so too are the seasons. After allowing my little friend to water what looks like dirt and weeds, transformation occurs, beauty blooms, and a lesson, I pray has been deeply sown into the heart of a precious child. God is good. He is real and faithful in all things.

May these little boys live lives rich with faith, hope, and gratitude.

Psalm 104

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