Several things have been stirring in my mind for days now and prompt a few moments to join them on page. One thing is humility, what it is, how it develops, and why it is so necessary to keep us from hurting others and ourselves in the process. As we are created to bring glory to God, we are created to love as He has commanded us and shown us to do with His Word and with His demonstration of just what love is and what it is not.

Why are we so inclined to put human beings up on a pedestal, to elevate one above another, and ultimately placing ourselves somewhere on the rung of a ladder above some and below others? It seems we are inclined this way to the detriment of our own feelings and to the feelings of others. Scripture consistently teaches us to esteem others above ourselves, to love others as we love ourselves, to serve and honor one another and to forever exalt the Lord who alone is above all. In light of Him, and in light of the truth of His Word, we see there is nothing other than humility for any human being to genuinely feel when anchored in truth.

I’ve experienced the vast suffering and devastation of people seeking their own gain through means of deceit and for the purpose of exalting themselves. How deeply it grieves my heart when I see love trampled underneath the feet of those who run to climb above others with no thought of the devaluation of self and spirit that goes right along with devaluation of others. Will we ever learn?

Continual prayer, turning the lamp of truth on by opening His Word to illuminate the words written on the pages of our own lives, openness and honesty…all are necessary for daily repentance to occur; for humility to dawn in our hearts as the revelation of our inclinations toward self elevation is brought to light.

Casting down every lofty thought and vain imagination of self in surrender to the Spirit of Christ that reveals truth and love must be an unending endeavor. Praying always for the Lord to cajole me toward the righteousness found only in Him and recognizing that apart from Him I can do no good thing…yes, a continual daily need I have for aligning my own thoughts and desires with what matters most in this life and for eternity.

Of this one thing I am sure, this life is not to glorify me, it is to glorify The One who came to give life, The One who has the will and the power to do it. I am called to fulfill the law of love. Even to do this, I am completely dependent on Him to supply it because it is not self-serving as my natural cares are inclined to be. I am called to want for you just as good as I want for me, to love and care for your family as I love and care for my own. What unity we would have if we lived as He has called us to live!

My heart desires this morning for peace to reign in hearts and lives, for love to abound, and for grace to cover all our sin. There is a wonderful freeing that occurs when we give up all pretense and live honestly before God, self, and others. In this life, we all have trouble and sometimes despair. We face disappointments and devastations that strip us bare and cause us to realize just how little control we have. Ultimately, we are all in the same boat; needy, dependent, imperfect and desperate for new mercies every morning. Let us love one another, care as we ought, recognizing both the nature and the calling we share.

“Be gracious one toward another, forgiving one another, even as God, for Christ’s sake, has forgiven you.”

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