The Value of Friends…

I was reminded after a recent visit with a friend just how special friendship is; what a rare and precious gift, one to be cherished and honored. Talking in circles, as we girls do, always leaving enough unsaid to warrant another visit in the near future. We raise topics in need of attention, but with too much to say and never enough time to say it, we move quickly from one to the next 🙂 We also revisit the past, remembering other times that one was in need and time together was a must! Pausing too, with the unspoken question stirring in each heart, “Whatever would we do without friends?”

Recalling my own treks through the valley, I am forever sensitive to the strength gleaned from the caring presence of others, knowing their prayers lingered with me even when they had to depart for their own homes, to tend to the families waiting for them there. There’s nothing like knowing you are loved completely and that it won’t change regardless of your struggles.

I think, too, of weights we carry, those that are old and tiring, but refuse to go away. It is our true friends who bear with us, who don’t give up, who offer encouragement and continue to pray even when most don’t even know our sorrow exists. Oh yes, it is a friend that wants to hear how you really are, that asks and then waits, knowing there is a reply that will take awhile. Friends listen…even when what you say has been said thousands of times before, because they care.

Anyone can be witness to your pain, but a friend will love you through it, will help you carry it, will cheer you on when you feel you can’t get up again to face another day.

I won’t forget words once spoken to me after I had shared the ugliness of a deep and personal grief and then regretted ever letting those feelings out. When I offered an apology, I was told not to, that they were glad I trusted them enough to share my hurts and reminded me they would pray…Tears again now as I recall what genuine love and friendship is, what it does and what it does not do.

The longer I live and the more I learn, the deeper my affection grows for those I call friends.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things and never fails (from 1Corinthians 13:7-8) 



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