Remembering when…a mother’s heart

While raising a child, we may think there will come a time that we will no longer feel the overwhelming protectiveness and sense of responsibility to them, but that belief exists from lack of experience. We learn as our children become young adults and venture out into the larger world, away from underneath our protective wing, that our longing for their safety remains and with that even a sense of responsibility to somehow provide a shield for them to protect against the storms and dangers that remain.

No wonder, I suppose, as I recall the growing years, the many calls in the night. With one soft call of “Mama,” my feet fell quickly to the floor, eyes wide, and hands ready to care and to tend to my child. With her need, all other priorities were pushed aside because my first role and responsibility was to love.

Every loving mother longs for her child to find an equivalent love beyond her own to embrace her child when she is grown and goes on to form her own family. We pray for that, we hope for that, we desire with all that is within us to know that our children are safe and well…that is the heart of a mother.

With kind words we build the esteem of our children. We remind them of God’s purposes in everything He gave to them. We invest in their hearts and minds and do our best to instill values of purity, of kindness, of honesty, of love…we pray they live them out with a mate of noble character.

Prayers are prayed and heart’s desires are poured out before the Lord year after year after year as we desire what is good and right and pure and true for our children. Sometimes we imagine with wonder at all the joy that is to come when our family enlarges itself through the marriage of our child and their children which will follow. We have hopes and dreams that we root, feed, and nurture with prayers and tears.

In this life, disapointments can overwhelm us and heartaches can threaten to break us, but we cannot allow our hopes to be destroyed. God’s word tell us that He tears down and then He builds up again; after woundings, He heals. We face difficulties that try not only our patience and hearts, but also our faith, and we must stubbornly refuse to believe that our prayers are forgotten or our tears and desires ignored. We must, I must know beyond my hurt that God’s promises are sure and that as long as there is breath there is hope. God has not forgotten, and He is not slack concerning any of His promises. His thoughts and ways are surely above ours. Though we cannot see, He continues to honor every prayer prayed in faith that accords with His will.

Hard times challenge us to prove what we proclaim, to stand firmly without wavering though storms rage and feelings are raw. My pastor has faithfully taught us to hold to the unmoving anchor of God’s Word without fail especially when our emotions begin to crumble. He has taught me that truth is unhindered by my weaknesses and fears. I appreciate those words of encouragement more each time I find myself in the midst of troubled waters.

Through the hardest of life’s challenges, I have become more established in my faith. I will never forget how my prayers transformed when my oldest child left home. I began to say to the Lord, “You can go where I cannot go and do what I cannot do.” What a precious gift to know that He can go with my child, be with her, lovingly embrace her and hear her still when she calls in the night…Though I am no longer there to answer with caring hands, God is her ever present help in time of need.

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2 Responses to Remembering when…a mother’s heart

  1. Thank you Andrea–loving and true words from a mother’s heart. What an earthly picture of the Lord’s heart for His children! Your writing puts words to my emotional struggle , this week especially, as I find myself dealing with ‘child-worry’. The following song has been a comfort to me during the day and night in the moments when my emotions seek to take over, helping to remind me of the Truth of His Word, as you describe in your writing. I hope you find it helpful in your battle as well. “Your grace is sufficent for me, Your strength is made perfect when I am weak. All that I cling to I lay at Your feet, Your grace is sufficient for me.” –by Martin Nystrom (it’s put to music on YouTube)

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