The Blind and The Blindsided

The current supreme court case regarding legalizing gay marriage has burdened me far beyond what I would have imagined. As I watched, one by one, dear and precious young people who are intricately woven into the fabric of my heart  posting their allegiance and support of gay marriage in public forums, my heart sank deeper and deeper with sorrow. Listening to them, it becomes clear they have been persuaded to believe that gay rights is just one more step in the right direction, toward freedom, equal to the civil rights movement. This belief is held by most whether they are churched or unchurched, Christian or nonChristian. They seem to believe the media’s bias against those of us who love all people equally, gay or straight, but aren’t willing to uphold or support changing the definition of marriage that was ordained by God as far back as the beginning of time. We are painted as haters, bigots, ignorant of physical realities experienced by those who are attracted to the same sex. This is not true, not true of me. I don’t have same sex attraction but I certainly have many desires that are unholy and impure. I am daily aware that the push and pull of my flesh may well be against what is right in God’s eyes, and I am repeatedly faced with the choices, just as every other human being faces. No one living in this world is free of desires that can lead to harm if followed. That is part of the human condition. Thankfully, there is great joy and contentment to be found when reverence to God is placed above all else. 

Perplexed, burdened, sorrowful; crushed in spirit, these all describe my inner experience of recent days. Knowing my own heart in the matter, the desire for all people to be free from harm, not free to do harm, and feeling the great, deep and wide chasm that separates their understanding from mine has been one of the hardest for me to manage. I’ve thought, “if only I can articulate my heart and the truth I’ve found in my search of scripture and of history and of statistics, then they will see!” Yet, it isn’t so easy after all. For every one of me there seems to be a thousand to oppose, to scoff, and to scorn. Why???

Very little research is necessary to uncover what lies just below the surface of the issue, yet so few are willing to look, to listen, to see.

“One by one, the time-honored sexual taboos of Western civilization are crashing down with dizzying speed. When the Supreme Court, in its controversial 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision, struck down that state’s anti-sodomy statute, the court opened the legal floodgates not only to homosexual marriage but potentially to the total legitimization of all “consensual” sex acts, including polygamy and adult incest. Indeed, polygamists have jumped on the Lawrence bandwagon and are pushing to have marriage with multiple partners legalized in the United States. After all, they argue, their relationships are consensual and they are adult-so what’s the problem?” (Kupelian 2005)

I grapple with where the hearts and minds of our youth are. I cannot know for sure. I opt to believe most of them have no idea of the rampant child pornography industry, sexual slavery of both young girls and women. If they do they are not making the connection and progression from one sexual perversion to another which is clearly found in the study of history and culture. If they knew of the devaluing of human lives that is occuring, they would not ever support or encourage anything remotely related to the source of the demise. Surely, surely they would not.

If we don’t know better, why don’t we? Do we not care enough to know? Are we too complacent to inquire? I need not look any further than headline news to know that our culture is in crisis. Daily, we hear of teens commiting murder, children being abducted, famililes killing their own members, massive corruption at the highest levels of government, hate and despair. Evidence crying out to us to make change and the change we are making is trying to legalize gay marriage and limit gun control. Really? Will this in any way alleviate the horrific ills of our world?

Facing the root cause of our problems requires owning and admitting our own failures, our own participation in the creation and perpetuation of the problem. Violence on tv and in movies fuels the violence displayed in the real world around us. Sexual immorality that is celebrated in television and movies and consumed by the vast majority of Americans, side by side, with their children, this is part of the problem. Jamming to music with lyrics supporting and encouraging rebellion and wild, sexual adventures…more of the problem.

I am not without my own guilt. For many years of my life, I did not connect the dots. I did not see that what I watched and listened to permeated my mind and heart desensitizing me to sin. But the day came for me when conviction made so clear the error of my many ways and called for repentance, a change, for the sake of my own spiritual condition as well as that of those who would follow after me. Only a short time passed before I was able to look back and see how deeply I had unwittingly been persuaded in ways that were not right. That happens even more so with those who watch things far more callous than what I am referring to.

“According to Internet Filter Review, which analyzes and rates Web content filters, revenues from pornography exceed those of all professional football, baseball, and basketball franchises combined. There are 4.2 million pornographic Web sites-that’s 12% of all Web sites in the world, totaling 372 million pornographic pages…As Scientist and adjunct of law professor of bioethics Kelli Hollowell points out: Studies reveal that acts of sexual violence are commonly linked to pornography and the numbers of victims are massive. According to sworn testimony before the U.S. Senate, experts reveal that by the time a female in this country is 18 years old, 38% have been sexually molested. One in eight women will be raped. Fifty% of women will be sexually harrassed on their jobs during their lifetimes. In fact, sexual dysfunction is on such a rampant rise that experts are calling it more than an epdemic. They are calling it a sexual holocaust.” (Kupelian 2005)

For all the good it does, I am writing again…attempting to work out what is hurting in me and also in hopes of shining light into a dark place. Some in our midst are blind while I, for one, am blindsided by how many precious young minds have been persuaded by twisted truth, which isn’t really truth at all.



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