Heartbreaker or Heartmender?

I find myself convinced that there is no neutrality offered us in life, no way to move through this world and not make waves, not leave our mark, not create a lasting legacy of one sort or another. Given this deepening understanding, I recognize the need to act intentionally, purposefully, thoughtfully since all we say and do indeed makes an impression and from it others will be made.

We impress and imprint on others contributing to the shaping of their lives and then they pass it along. What an incredible process is forever unfolding and yet so many haphazardly throw about their words giving little or no care to the impact…

I often hear it said that we should “share our hearts” with others in order to encourage, to inspire, and to love. I agree…yet we might do well to offer that advice with a warning, “this may result in pain!” When we share the tender places inside, we must do so knowing that many heartbreakers lurk about. Many give little consideration to the precious nature of an open heart. Sharing what is most essential, most significant, to us is truly a testimony of our love for others. Most who share deeply know the potential risk, the costs they are likely to pay, but we do it anyway. Why? Because we know that in order for one heart to mend it takes the care from another. Just as we are broken in and through relationships, so too are we healed in and through relationships.

I am willing to share the lessons I’ve learned the hard way and the vulnerability that it brings in hopes of aiding a broken heart in her mending process. The price I sometimes pay is worth the hurt that is bound to occur in this journey of openness. For the ones who come along and find healing in the warmth of my open and mended heart, I will keep sharing, keep loving, and keep hoping for more hearts to find encouragement and peace in the midst of the chaos of carelessness.

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