The choices we make and what’s at stake…

Because of the work I do, I am forever researching to gain better understanding of human behavior. Many findings are discovered and often I sigh as my heart sinks with the weightiness of where we are. Humans are amazingly complex creatures endowed with potentiality for developing and sharing enriching gifts with the world, yet so often  other paths are chosen yielding devastating results.

We have our sin nature with which to contend. Indeed we are prone to selfishness and pride, but there is so much more to the story. If only the “so much more” would captivate us and we would surrender to the the cultivating process found therein, imagine the bountiful goodness that would follow.

Gun violence, sex trafficking, drug abuse, pornography, greed and corruption are daily in the news. We see it. We know it is prolific. To what source is it attributed?

I always and forever go back to the need to look in the mirror first. Where am I failing to lead? Then to the culture that surrounds me, I look and find a gross lack of personal accountability. Beyond that I ask, “where is the meaning and purpose in life for those who hold no reverence for God and for truth?” I am responsible for my actions, for my beliefs, for my words, for my life. I do not stand alone under the authority that empowers human beings with responsibility and accountability. Belief systems are in need of examination on a grand scale. Let us measure, let us reason together and find answers that satisfy the questions the world is daily making manifest!

It is incumbent upon us to trace all of these societal and personal problems back to the root cause in order to make necessary change for the good of all. What is the root cause of the massive devaluation of life, of human beings, of women, children, marriage, home, and work? What is the root cause of infidelity, greed, deceit, violence, and apathy? What on earth is the cause for the lack of care?

We must look to the transcendent nature of love which opposes every one of the manifestations of ill we find in our society. Love is rich with care. It builds up and does not tear down. Love covers us and fills us with a deep sense of value and worth. Love is gentle and kind, it does not provoke. We have lost reverence for God and with it we have lost within ourselves His love for others. We cannot fail to revere God and continue to have unselfish love to pour onto others. He alone is the source of genuine and pure love, love that does no harm, does not deceive, does not devalue, does not use, abuse, or cast off.

Hearts and lives are broken. Devastation is vast and most in our country refuse to say aloud what most of us know in our souls. The redemptive story of Christ’s love is unparalleled. For all time, for all people, for every place on earth, the answers to the problems we as humans face is found in the perfect gift of grace given to us in the person of Jesus Christ. His life, death, and resurrection confirms the value of every life. The gift of the Holy Spirit frees us from the bondage of sin and death so that we are free to live a life of love and peace if only we surrender to His ways. We are not perfect when in Christ, but we are perfectly loved. We are not bound to continue to harm others out of selfish pride and arrogance. We are empowered from on high to live according to the Spirit of our risen Lord and not according to the nature of our flesh. I write this with abounding gratitude and a heart overwhelmed in humility as I speak as David of old who recognized God’s love as undeserved but granted with the abundance of heaven anyway. May we seek to live as Christ commanded, loving God and others above ourselves. This is surely how He loves us.

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