A New Year, 2013…

Forty-two years on this earth has yielded much learning. For so long, I looked for ways to resolve and avoid conflict, to achieve a peaceful existence in all areas of my life only to find myself forever frustrated over the inability to make and maintain peace. It finally dawned on me after much turmoil and strife, both within and without, that peace is only found in Jesus. There is literally a world beyond my control. Even trying to manage my own thought life bewilders me and leaves me aching for soundness and peace, a final settling from which never to be aroused again….And yet, “in this world (I) will have trouble” according to Jesus, but He instructs me to “take heart” because He has overcome the world.

Scripture tells us that Jesus is our peace. He is the source of peace and all comfort that we need, the lover of my soul, and only in Him will I ever have enduring, unwavering peace.

As I look to a new year and have already journeyed a day into it, I am intent on keeping my eyes on Him. I will be seeking more wisdom concerning His peace, more wisdom from His Word as I rise each day to turn my face toward Him who loves me with an unfailing love. I am grounded in the knowledge that, come what may, I am to trust in and praise Him until this life for me will cease. Whether at home, work, or in the market place, there is but one way to walk, to live, to breathe…trusting and praising the One in whom I dwell. Jesus is the peace-speaker as a precious song says and I will learn the ways of peace only by seeking Him.

May all be blessed with wisdom that will sustain us through all seasons of life as this new year unfolds for each one.

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