What is Best?

From very personal to political, people differ greatly in their views of what is best. I was made aware this morning by a student about the movement of some states wanting to secede from the union. How sad…I almost immediately recalled my quick stop by Kroger yesterday evening in the rain to pick up a few things to bring home. I was hurrying since Noah was sick and it was getting dark and I simply wanted to get settled into time with my family. As I busily scurried from one section of the store to another, I ran into friends, acquaintances, and even strangers. I instinctively smiled to both those I knew and those I did not. We were just a bunch of mothers and dads, grannies and pops, young students and families all trying to get the things we needed for our families. I happened to think about the political division in this country and I considered how it is that we meet and greet and live parallel lives with those who oppose our views and those with whom we share agreement. My thought then was, “I truly care equally for the well-being of every person. I would do no more or less for one than for another. I want the very best for all.” That is my heart…

A person’s worldview determines what they consider to be the best. I think mounting debt, especially to anti-Christian nations, is the opposite of what is best. I think it is for the worst, not just worse. I believe abortion is devastating not only to the lives of the precious babies who die, but also to their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and to us all because it permeates throughout all of society with an overarching devaluing of all life including mine and yours.

This doesn’t make me an enemy of president Obama or of others who support him. It makes me sorrowful for the direction our nation has taken.

Do I want states seceding from the Union? No, I do not. I want a strong, United States of America, united in purpose, of one mind and one accord. We are not, though. We are a divided nation and far more disheartening still, we are a divided church. According to scripture, those who profess hope in Christ are to follow Him. There is no way we are all following Him when we are going in different directions.

I wish no harm…

What is harmful? Those things which lead to demise are penned in scripture, yet we have trampled them underfoot, discarded them and many seem to wonder why disorder abounds. History is a very good teacher. When nations exchange God and His truth for an idol of their own construction, one that better fits their preferences and persuasions, they soon fall in devastation. Over and over the story reads, one strong nation after another, since the beginning of time. I cannot say when America will reach her worst hour. God is gracious beyond imagining and I implore Him with pleas for mercy, for Him to stay HIs Hand of wrath, selfishly I ask, until me and my loved ones have passed. I ask that He work in our hearts and minds so that we will all be found faithful and righteous in His sight all our days.

May we all seek truth with hearts willing to be broken, eyes willing to see, and minds willing to understand His heart and His will. May this be sought and found, surrendered to in obedience so that this nation may once again find favor in His sight.

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