Adam, where are you?

Very early this morning, the scripture from Genesis 3:9 came to mind and it has come back again and again throughout the day. I’ve pondered it and decided to sit down and allow my thoughts to tumble out as it seems they must in times like these in order for me to settle.

I know God knew exactly where Adam was and what had occurred so the purpose of God’s question had to be for Adam’s sake.

I know the conviction of hearing God’s voice when I’ve stepped outside of His will just as surly as Adam knew when God spoke those gentle words to him. God didn’t storm from heaven to Adam with a thundering anger. He plainly called as a loving Father would to his wandering son, “Adam, where are you?” Oh my, how this question has tugged at my heart today…

How I continually grapple with the seemingly foreign and rejected notion of sin that predominates in our world today. I know sin to be true because I have lived it, suffered it, bore it, and repented of it. No, I don’t think humans are awful creatures. We were, after all, made in the image of God. Yet our nature is sinful so that, too, must be accepted. I find it odd that so many people enjoy the notion of Jesus as Savior and heaven as their future home, yet they denounce the reality of sin which is the very reason a Savior is needed.

Purity, righteousness, perfect love…all experienced by Adam and then rejected for what was forbidden. Once taken, what had been forbidden rendered Adam guilty and ashamed. There was no benefit, no gain, only all-consuming loss.

Knowing this truth, believing wholeheartedly, accepting the plan of salvation detailed in scripture as absolute truth, I cannot deny the reality of sin and how it separates all of us from God. I cannot encourage or support sin, yet I condemn and judge no one. I simply accept, believe, and act upon truth of scripture. I believe the call of God, that simple call, “Adam, where are you?” is the very same call that is going out today. The Holy Spirit speaks through scripture, through men and women who are born of the Spirit of truth, and convicts the human heart, calling for repentance.

Those who have been convicted and converted, saved, redeemed, and filled with God’s love desires only for others to have the same saving grace and freedom they have undeservingly received. There is no pride or boasting, no feelings of superiority, only great and abiding joy and the desire for all others to have the same gift and blessing.

So when our hearts are moved to speak the truth of scripture, may we speak it in great humility and love so that others hear only that which draws them closer to God and comforts them with our care.

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