Simple principles…feed only what you want to grow.

I’m finding difficulty carving out time to blog since beginning my full-time work schedule in August, but researching and teaching provide a perfect environment for fostering thought in ares of particular interest to me.

This morning as I find myself at the end of a long week I continue to ponder the many problems that people face, problems that hinder life, health, growth, contentment and peace. According to my Christian faith and the Bible that teaches me about the Lord and His ways, all human beings have the same primary problem. We have a sin problem…

As I ponder all that I see and hear along with the troubles that arise from my own heart and mind, I am forever reminded that we should not feed what we don’t want to grow. Such a simple principle that we can find all around us yet continue to overlook with consequence of great cost.

So much in this world I have simply put away. I can count the number of movies I’ve gone to see in the past 5 years on my 10 fingers. We don’t get the movie channels on our television at home. I don’t buy Cosmo or any of the popular magazines that do nothing but provide food for thoughts and desires that I had rather not have growing inside of me. I realize that where my mind goes my heart follows so I don’t focus my mind on what I don’t want to take root in my heart.

As women, we are berated with images of surgically altered and professionally groomed females every time we turn on the television or pick up a popular magazine. We are being fed a standard of “beauty” that has nothing to do with God’s standard. And yet, our human minds are impacted even when we know truth. We can’t keep from being exposed to some of it, but we can guard our eyes and thus our hearts with purpose and intention which lessons the impact and we can choose to feed our thoughts and feelings with truth by turning to God and His Word.

The lostness in our world burdens my heart and saddens me with penetrating sorrow. I see young ladies 20 years my junior and I long to protect them, to encourage them, to cover them with truth that will nourish them and help to grow them toward contentment and joy. The truth of who we are and who we were created to be is under continual fire from a ruthless source whose goal is our destruction. Let us be wise and feed what we want to grow. Do we want to stand assured in the truth of our value as detailed and confirmed by God and His Word? The only way to do this is to feed our minds and hearts with righteous food, untainted by the world.

Our behaviors reveal so much about our hearts. Consider…if you are prone to lust, looking at provocative images feeds the lust (and when sin conceives, it brings forth death) and destruction is bound to follow. If you are prone to alcohol and drug use and you go where it is being consumed around you or watch movies and television where it is being celebrated or you associate with others regularly who use, you are feeding the desire that will lead to your harm. You are feeding what will destroy you. Any desire that we have that has potential to do us harm should be starved, not fed, in order for Us, instead of our destructive wishes, to Live.

Such a simple message this is but packed with truth. We can ask just one question and allow it to guide our choices to begin to walk in a healthier and more joyful way. “Will this (anything being considered) feed in me what I want to grow?” Intentional, purposeful choosing rooted in wisdom offers benefits for this life and the next. My prayer is that we will choose wisely and bring glory to God and peace to ourselves and those all around us.

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