We often try to fill ourselves up on the inside by attaining things from the outside only to find ourselves to be as empty following many entangled pursuits and costly endeavors as when we first begun. That which is of one nature cannot be satisfied by something of another. Though things can be enjoyed and relationships with others are meant to be treasured, there is but One from whom soul-longings can be satisfied. The very source of pure love is the God who created us for Himself, to be His first before we are to be anything else. If only we could recognize, understand and embrace this truth from childhood onward without faltering, surely our lives would be ones of unwavering peace.

The futility of seeking to satisfy the soul by any means other than fulfilling the purpose for which it was created serves only to dishearten, discourage, and depress. If only we would lift our eyes to the hills from whence our help comes! If only we would store up treasures in heaven! If only we would trust and obey…

So simple, yet so hard is answering the call to live a life of faith and courage. May we find strength for the journey, peace for the day, and joy for the mornings to come.

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