It’s been a good day. Every day is overwhelmingly good when we wake to find the sun rising again and the health and strength to face the day. Yet, there are always challenges and sometimes those challenges press down on our thoughts and constrict the heart with hurts. I’ve had some of that today…

Teaching always calls upon me to consider the brevity of the time I am allowed to spend with students, to choose wisely what to teach, what to share, what questions to pose, and then, it always comes back to me. What should I do differently, should I have done differently, in my own life? How can I guide others well if I’m not living well myself? I cannot, so I am always looking to see, asking the questions of myself before I send them out to others.

This evening I’ve found myself pruning back my thoughts to get to the heart of the matter. So many times we say we don’t know what to do, or we didn’t know before making a decision, when in reality we did know. I’m often struck by the number of times I find the words “remember” and “listen or hear” in scripture. Most often we know far more than we acknowledge because with knowing comes responsibility and accountability. Life is hard. Living wisely is even harder, but over the long haul it saves us a heap of trouble and suffering, if only we will do it…

Repetition in scripture is purposeful. We, human beings, need reminders. We need clarification. We need encouragement. We need boundaries, parameters, and plumb lines. We need it all and we need it daily. I love the scripture that says, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed upon thee because he trusts in thee.” Staying our minds upon God doesn’t happen without effort. Surely we must love God to seek Him out and then we must purposefully look to Him continually or our peace along with our focus will falter.

The longer I live and the more of life I experience, the deeper my trust in the Lord’s Wisdom grows. I well remember times past when I fell to my knees with lists of prayers to speak to the Lord, so many requests. More and more now, I bow before Him to simply be at His precious feet. I am there to honor Him, to worship Him, to commit myself into HIs care and to ask for HIs protection and provision; to ask for His Will to be done in all circumstances. He knows far more what I need than I do, far more what my children and my husband needs. I ask for mercy to cover all the earth and I know that it does. I thank Him and I rise up to go on my way knowing He is able to do all things well and trusting that He will. There is not one thing the Good Lord needs from me. All blessings come from His hands. All I can offer is my surrender and even that I cannot freely or fully give apart from His help. Dependent…that is what I am, wholly dependent upon His loving grace to supply my every need.

Is there anything that warms us more than knowing someone we love is lovingly thinking of us? Is there anything sweeter than hearing the voice of a loved one calling our name? How are we to love God if we are not thinking of HIm, longing for Him, and calling upon His Name? We cannot…Loving the Lord is intentional and continual or it really isn’t love at all.

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