More on Noah

Just when I begin to think things are getting better with Noah’s medication for ADHD, some other symptom arises. He seemed all out of sorts when I picked him up today, managed to get through most of his homework but not without being upset. Then afterwards had a major meltdown of all meltdowns with tears flowing and heart breaking. How do you explain to a child medications that are supposed to help can cause them to feel miserable at times for a while? This has been one long roller coaster ride and it doesn’t look like we’re going to be on solid ground for a while longer yet.

There’s a particular ache inside the heart that I call the mother ache. Nothing other than our children’s hurts cause this unique anguish. If only I could fix it…and quickly, but I cannot and this won’t be the last if life goes on for us. The scraped knees and runny noses, croupy coughs and late night fevers give way to sweetheart breakups, hurt feelings with friends, adolescent and young adult insecurities, and on and on we go until we start it all over again with our little grands.

It’s worth the care, time, work, and heartaches we face. It changes us like nothing else ever could, but I find there is never time when the mind is free from care. Always and forever we know there is one who needs us there…on their side, watching, waiting, hoping, praying, trusting, ever trusting that all will work out for the best.

We are cheerleaders even while we are nurses, teachers as we parent, maids and chefs, prayer warriors and self-appointed attorneys 🙂 We stay up late and get up early. We forgive and start over a million times and then some. We laugh at silliness and play imaginary games when we long for a quiet moment of clarity. We are frequent fliers in local bookstores and favorite ice cream shops. We are the friend that never fails, the one that’s called anytime of night for reassurance, and we give it freely asking nothing in return, wishing only to provide the comfort they need.

There is no other sound to a mother’s ear like the sound of her own child’s voice, no other touch so sweet and precious than the hand of our little ones tucked firmly inside our own, no other sight so lovely as the smile on our child’s face, no other gift sweeter than to know our little one is safe and at peace.

Praying for peace and resolution for Noah, for happy childhood days, for joyful learning and precious moments of carefree play with other little ones he calls friends.

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