Some legacies aren’t worth leaving…

I was saddened and disheartened yesterday as I was flipping channels and paused on CNN news long enough to hear two ladies speaking about the passing of Helen Gurley Brown known for her ties to Cosmopolitan Magazine. The two discussing her life were celebrating her legacy, the fact that as one put it, “she gave single women the right to have sex and enjoy it.” Read that carefully…”single women.” They went on to talk about how some feminists had criticized her for perpetuating the sexual objectification and stereotyping of women, but the two on air as I watched disagreed with that criticism and said they liked what she had done, that women were encouraged to succeed and enjoy the workplace and the bedroom.

As a Christian woman, wife, and mother, my heart continues to ache over the moral demise occurring in our nation and in our world. Think about it…We live in a world where politicians and even some clergy spew profanity, live immorally, and extravagantly flaunt their wealth obtained through less than proper dealings. We have celebrities and athletes exhibiting all manner of degrading behaviors regularly and they are the wealthy, the celebrated, and the admired. What are our young people learning from what is happening?

I pray for protection and provision, for righteousness daily as I know the only hope for me and my house is the mercies of God. I ask for His covering to be upon us. I pray for our nation and for the hurting in the world. I recognize that no one is immune to moral failure, to sin, and that God’s Word and communion with Him through prayer are continually needed for us to remain close enough to hear His voice saying to us, “this is The Way.” I pray we will follow…

Tomorrow I go before 3 new classes of students, most of whom I have not met but have already prayed for. I realize they are daily bombarded by messages from the larger world around them that are untrue, tempting, and harmful if followed. I pray I will love them as I should, teach them well, and stand on truth each time we meet together to study and to learn.

I’ve thought so much about legacies in recent years. The way the world measures success are not the measures by which I aim to hold as a standard for my own life or the lives of those I love. If when my life is over those who knew me can say, “she loved me deeply, she spoke truth to me kindly, and she lived to serve God and His people” then and only then will my life leave a legacy worthwhile.

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