A glorious high throne…

I often think of how very difficult it is for me, and I’m sure for others, to extricate ourselves from the temporary burdens and trials of this life, and to stay grounded in the eternal truths that govern all. When I am overwhelmed with the cares of this world and then words of scripture whisper through my soul reminding me to cast my eyes back on Jesus, I find I can breathe again remembering that He holds my future in His hands.

I well remember studying the book of Jeremiah and finding these words, “A glorious high throne from the beginning is the place of our sanctuary.” (17:12) I pondered that then and still do from time to time as my finite mind tries to grasp the glorious high throne that from the beginning was and is the place of my sanctuary. What a profound and awesome truth to cling to in stormy times in this temporary place where we are only pilgrims and strangers, sojourners through a land that is not our home.

When I encounter the ugliness of sin and evil, I recognize that the deep longing I feel in my soul is a homesickness for a place beyond this vale of tears. Oh life is surely a gift and I treasure every single day I’m blessed to be with those I love here, but my soul longs for a place where there is no harm, no suffering and sorrow, no more tears. I believe we all have that longing who know the Lord, who have the sense in our souls of that glorious high throne which from the beginning has been the place of our sanctuary.

On this long, dark Summer night, I’m thankful that I can be kept in perfect peace if my mind is stayed on Jesus. That is the challenge for me always, to keep my mind stayed upon Him. So thankful that when it seems all the world has fallen asleep and left me to wakefulness alone, my Savior is ever-present in time of need; never slumbering, never sleeping, keeping watch over all He has made…

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