Simple reminders…

Erick fell in love with fishing when he was just a young boy and has hoped for a place of his own on the lake someday…As he nears 50, though still a few years away, and as Noah grows bigger and stronger and more able to enjoy time spent with Dad, Erick sees time pressing in and has started purposeful searching for just the right place on the water.

I am reluctant, as always. Erick says of himself, “I’m conservative! I don’t even know what to call you?” I think the word “impossible” might have been appropriate for me when it comes to indulging in something that I can find no other purpose for aside from enjoyment, but he was too kind to assign the label and instead urged me with his words to consider for myself just how difficult I can be.

Today was a day to head to the lake to take a bigger look around with a realtor, so we loaded up the cooler with drinks and took along some snacks and DS games to keep our little guy happy for the long drive we would take from place to place. There’s lots to see and talk about, and oh my, just let me say, seeing what things can look like with no ordinances, no “restrictions” can give you a new appreciation for such things! We have seen a little bit of everything and all in all it was a good day. Mainly because of a simple reminder that made the day end on a sweet note for both Erick and me.

After seeing some beautiful and some far from beautiful places, we came upon a little old place with a kind of old-timey homeyness that beckoned to us from the street. Nestled in a neighborhood more like the one we live in, this little old house was sort of out of place, yet that only served to increase its appeal to us. The realtor was very quiet as Erick and I hmmmd and sighed and pointed and stretched our necks looking around from the car windows. He asked if we would like for him to drive us on down to the water and sure we did.

Once there and out onto the shaded grassy stretch that led us to the water’s edge, I glanced back to the old house with it’s porch across the back while a brisk breeze rustled through the trees and awakened me with its touch, and before I knew it I breathed in deeply and felt a little bit like I had come home…Erick marched out onto the dock and let down his water measuring gauge, checking the depth from the dock. When I saw it drop and continue to drop I took a deep breath in, then let it out with a gasp as he pulled it up and out, stretching it far above his head and I softly said to the realtor, “we’ll take it.” I think he almost fainted! Nothing had been to our liking and there we were on a property most wouldn’t even consider looking inside and we were in love 🙂

Now…we have not made an offer and may never. Because of the amazing view and deep water, the place is still priced much higher than I’m comfortable with and we are not ones to make hasty decisions. Yet, the day was a success because once again, with the simple reminder that many times we are able to see as if from the same pair of eyes, Erick and I experienced the joy of understanding. We walked through the dilapidated old house looking around thinking, thinking, thinking of what would be necessary to make it livable, even for weekends. But we know, if things were to work out for the place to become our own, we would be able to work together to make it something very special, something beautiful. So many people see what is there on the surface instead of seeing beyond to what it could be. The “what it could be” is what so often motivates both Erick and me and we love it when we are able to make something wonderful together.

So for tonight as we lie down to sleep, I’m sure our minds will both be seeing those huge old trees towering over that quiet little house nestled beside the rippling lake waters, seeing and hearing what could be if little boy laughter and family fun along with tender love and care showed up to make what is now a house a home.

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1 Response to Simple reminders…

  1. Mimi says:

    We are all drawn to something with a history even if the place needs some TLC 🙂

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