Movies, art and the heart

I watch so little tv that I’m mostly out of the loop and have virtually no knowledge of hollywood or its stars. Years ago, I frequently went to the movies and can honestly say that even then most of what was out there was smut. However, I cannot begin to say how deeply hurt my heart feels when I learn that a male stripper movie is all the rave among ladies and girls, mothers and daughters at this present time. How my heart aches as I realize the deception that is at work convincing hearts and minds that there is no harm in viewing filth. How difficult is it to recognize what is being done is intentional feeding of lust; lust that is in opposition to purity? Where are our hearts? What do we truly desire?

For my children, I desire righteousness. How then am I to hope for, pray for and expect to see that come to pass in them if I intentionally engage in the opposite? I guess that is where I land when asking, “what is going on here?” The truth of our hearts is revealed in the behaviors we display.

The Bible tells us to guard our hearts with all diligence. We are admonished to look upon no evil thing; to guard our hearts it is necessary first to guard our eyes.

I can be called judgmental, prudish, critical. Yet, God Himself is the discerner of hearts and He knows the sinking sorrow that arises in me when I see the downward spiral into sin by those who profess to be in Christ. I can be no strength to anyone if I am not walking in Him. The only way that my life will be a light in a dark world is if I am not partaking of the darkness. We cannot have it both ways. From the very beginning of scripture in Genesis all the way to Revelation, we are told we cannot be servants of God and servants of our flesh. It is the one or it is the other. We also see that judgment falls upon nations when the “people of God” turn their backs on His ways yet continue to present themselves as His people. Where are we now?

I often think of unbelief and how from the beginning failure of humanity resulted from nothing more; nothing less. Are we not there now, professing belief and living as if there is no God? My question is this…if a person truly believes that God is; that He sent His son Jesus who is the Savior of the world; that Jesus is coming back to claim His own for all of eternity and to judge the whole world in righteousness at which time a great separation will occur dividing the saved from the lost forever, will that person then look willingly upon what is opposed to Christ? Will we spend our money, our time, and cast our affection upon what breaks the heart of God along with His commands? If we desire righteousness, will we willfully pursue unrighteousness, celebrate it, advertise it and delight in it? The answer is clear. Deep discernment is not required to come upon the truth of this matter. All it takes is one honest moment with a heart that is willing to see.

God help us.

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