Struggles: Common to all…

As I walk through this difficult world, there is so much that I don’t understand, so much that burdens and sorrows my heart, yet I find in scripture, appeals from the Lord to trust Him, to follow and honor Him, and to look with hope to an eternal future where all things will be made known and be made new. Wow…a fresh, new heaven and new earth where there will be no suffering, no sorrow, no discord, no selfishness, no hate, envy or strife. I’m ready to go…

Scripture not only beckons that I trust and “let not [my] heart be troubled,” it also admonishes us to speak truth knowing that many will reject the truth and us right along with it. It clarifies that it is truly the Lord Himself that is being rejected when we speak the truth of His Word to stubbornly closed ears and that though many will refuse to heed truth, we are called to speak it perpetually, joyfully, and faithfully.

Isaiah was told from the very beginning that he was to go and tell and that the people would not listen, they would not heed. The question then is why? I believe the answer is this: God is merciful. Because it is not His will for any to perish but for all to come to the saving knowledge of the truth, to come to the water of life and drink freely, He sends out His messengers. I also believe that every saved person is called to share the truth of scripture and by failing to do so we fail to bear fruit as we are all intended by the Lord to do. I also believe God gives us an opportunity to obey, to submit to His will for the purpose of honoring HIm by calling us to share truth even with those who will reject it. It becomes, then, not about us getting any glory, but about serving Him as an act of worship and walking as Jesus walked, speaking truth and knowing that many would reject, yet obediently doing the will of His Father regardless of the response of the people.

Sometimes as we sorrow, we may find comfort knowing that God hears our hearts’ cries and tenderly loves us through our storms, that there is nothing too great for Him, nothing He hasn’t covered with His grace for those who love Him. If sin and the lost condition of the world doesn’t grieve our hearts, we do not share the heart of our Father in Heaven. Sorrow is one part of our journey here, just as joy is our strength as we endure it. A joy unspeakable that resides deep in the hearts of believers who know truth by the revelation of the Holy Spirit that has opened our blinded eyes so that we might see the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. May we serve Him steadfastly in the hardest of times, unwavering in our devotion regardless of how things look to our limited vision from day to day. He holds all of our tomorrows and all of eternity in the palm of His great hand. Rest in that knowledge.

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