Call me foolish if you like, but this is what I believe…

Though I’ve been taught, as have most all of us, that a big bang occurred and from a resulting primordial soup came life as we know it on planet earth, that is not what I believe. I don’t believe either, as some Christians do, that God set in motion what over the course of millions of years evolved into the world that surrounds us.

What I believe instead, is that a God whom I have not seen, who existed before time, with loving hands, tenderly fashioned the first man, Adam. Once formed bodily, He, with His very own breath that emanated from an infinite heart of love, breathed life into the person He held in His hands and by so doing made Adam into a living soul. Looking upon him, God saw that his creation of man was very good. And with this same personal, tender, and intimate care, I believe God has brought forth every other human being that has ever been formed. I do not believe life is random. I do not believe that God is distant, indifferent, or unconcerned; that we are alone in our journey through this life. I believe God created us for a good purpose, to love and be loved, for His glory and for our good.

Loving relationship is at the heart of God, for His relationship to His creation as well as our relationships one toward another. May we live in this very same way, lovingly considering who we are, how we got here, and what our lives are divinely purposed to be.

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