Remembering to let go…

When I was just a child, I can recall people admonishing me not to worry, not to “carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.” I still find the need to remind myself that no matter how it may sometimes feel or how I might like to think I can, very little is in my power to control. Wishing things were the way I would like doesn’t make it so. Certainly there is no way of bringing about changes in other peoples’ lives that would greatly alleviate some of my deep concerns. Though my cares are sincere and may well be right to have, adults have the freedom to choose how they will live. All I can choose, is how I will live. I find myself needing to choose again to let go of what, to no avail, burdens me down. I can hurt or I can heal…that choice, to a large degree, is mine to make.

I’ve learned the hard way that no amount of my intervention can change the course of another’s life. All the gifts I can give, all the advice or “help” does not change the course or direction of another person’s life unless they choose to make necessary changes. No amount of effort on one person’s part can change the heart, mind, and behavior of another. This can sometimes be a hard truth to own.

I find myself in need of quiet and of time to be still. Sometimes I want to raise my hands to the wings of time and say “stop!” I need to rest before I can go further and I need assurance that no more concerns are going to find their way to my doorstep before I get a fresh, full, new breath with which to greet them. I am working on a reprieve. I do this periodically. Slowly things begin to pile up on my shoulders, almost without notice, until one day I find myself under the weight of much; pressure beckoning me to take something away. It is then that my attention turns and I make the time to name the layers that have accumulated on my shoulders. First the naming, then the laying aside can come…it occurs in my time with the Lord, where I take it to Him and say, “I need You to take this and help me to leave it with You. Do with it what Your perfect Wisdom deems right and give me peace.” He alone is able to bear the burdens of all. He never slumbers or sleeps, but sits at the right hand of the Father making intercession for us. If only we remember and submit to ask….

Such feeble beings we are! After so many answered prayers, we still fail to walk in faith, so inclined are we to walk by sight forgetting that faith is the way instead.

May we endeavor to remember to place all things into the perfect and capable hands of our Heavenly Father.

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