Quick Birthday Blog

This is going to be one of the shortest blogs I’ve ever posted, but since it’s my birthday I can’t allow the day to pass without taking just a few minutes to acknowledge how very thankful I am for another birthday. Another year logged in my life book and so many blessings for which to give wholehearted thanks to my God!

My two children and grandson are healthy and have had a good year. I’ve been blessed to spend time with each of them and to share laughs and tears, hugs and smiles; memories to last for a lifetime.

My husband and I are approaching our 17th anniversary and have shared some truly remarkable moments in this year that is drawing to a close. We’ve worked together, lived, laughed, and loved our way through Noah’s first grade year. We paid off a 15 year debt a few months ago and both have wonderful jobs that we love. We are so well cared for, provided for, by the loving hand of our Lord. For it all, I give thanks!

Now to recap some of my absolute favorite things, which I like to do and seldom take time to pen…I love breyer’s vanilla bean ice cream :); hot coffee in the early morning hours in a quiet house alone with my Bible and my most settled thoughts of the day; friends & kindness; freshly painted rooms in soft fresh colors that I’ve chosen and painted myself; crisp fabrics; porch swings; bird families building nests on our porch and nurturing their young so close we can see!; gentle breezes and fresh dew in the morning…long, lazy Summer evenings watering my flowers and pulling weeds…little boy laughter that plays joyful songs on my heartstrings; friends calling with funny stories that cannot wait to be shared…votes of confidence from cherished friends in times of uncertainty; surprises and music! I love them all and so much more!

It wouldn’t be right to fail to add, that I have found within myself a contented heart in these last few years, a contentment I did not have in the years before my thirties. This peace and contentment comes only from knowing I am held in the arms of a Savior whose love for me is unfailing. Apart from knowing that I am safe in His care, there would be no peace, no contentment, no joy to have or to share. For HIs great and abiding love I am most thankful of all and long for all others to know Him as Savior as well.

This surely is not an exhaustive list of what gives me smiles and joy from day to day, but it gives a little glimpse into some of life’s sweeter treasures and I hope some of these are your favorites as well and that reading them here gives you an occasion to smile!!!


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