Gifts and surprises…

I’ve not been my best self the past couple of days, battling a migraine, neck and shoulder pain has quite literally put a cramp in my style! I’m a very busy Mama. I have more interests than I have time to engage them all, and on top of all my ideas that I like to put into action, I have a dear, precious family to love and to serve which is no small task in and of itself!

I thought about how blessed I am yesterday morning as Erick drove me to the doctor after I called him home from work to do just that. He did it without a word of complaint and my sleepy little fella climbed right out of bed, dressed and readied himself in record time to leave home when his Daddy told him, “Mom is sick and needs to go to the doctor.” Though usually a constant chatter box, Noah sat quietly on the drive in to town asking only how I was feeling and if he could listen to some music “on low.”

I went into Urgent Care not feeling like holding my head up and most definitely not like opening my eyes in the glaring light of the office only to find kind, compassionate care from all I encountered. I was given a shot in each hip and told to go home for some rest. I was able to do that while Erick stayed home to be with Noah and give me time to recuperate.

After a nice long nap and then a better night of sleep, I woke feeling much better and ready to start the new day. I decided to forgo some of my more strenuous activities for another day or two and do some easier things that I’ve been putting off. As I was going through the piano bench that is falling apart and in need of a lightening of load, I came across a plaque that at first I didn’t recognize. I could see the bold letters of my name and thought, “what in the world is that?” I dug it out from underneath some sheet music and held it up for inspection. “Oh yes…I remember!” One of my first classes that I taught back in the Spring of 2002 at Floyd College (now Georgia Highlands) gave me a certificate of appreciation at the end of the Semester. Each student had signed it and they had it mounted on a plaque for me to keep. I had it in my office for many years and apparently, no doubt in a hurry to tidy up, I placed it in the piano bench one day after I cleaned out my office when I took leave from work at the end of my pregnancy with Noah.

Such a lovely reminder of those years at Floyd in the classroom with those young, eager minds. I was fresh out of graduate school and was working in crisis mental health at Floyd Medical Center during the day and teaching a night class here and there as needed. Those were interesting and challenging days; long and tiring days as well. There were times when driving from one job to the next I would question the value of doing both, yet in moments like the one I experienced with those precious, thoughtful students who took the time to show their heartfelt appreciation, there was no doubt I was right where I was supposed to be.

I dusted off my plaque a few moments ago and plan to place it in my office this Fall when I return to teach at Shorter. It will serve as a necessary reminder of why I am there and that surely the effort is worthwhile.

I can’t imagine anyone wanting anything more than to know their life counted as a blessing to someone else. So many times, we may touch a life in a positive way and never know that we did, but my students in the Spring of 2002 made sure I would know my time and effort with them made a difference and for that I am deeply grateful to each one who took the time to honor me in a special and lasting way.

As I cherish what has been, I look forward with hopeful expectation of more joy and time well-spent studying and learning with more precious young folks. I hope this inspires you to take the time to say thank you to someone who has blessed your life in a special way.

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