The world we live in…a sinking feeling

Yesterday, I took a little road trip and about 30 minutes into my drive from Rome I decided to stop for a restroom break and to fill my car with gas. Always the dilemma…where to find a clean restroom??? I chose to stop at a station that had a little store with it in hopes of finding safety and cleanliness there. I filled up my car and then went inside the store to find a friendly enough man attending the checkout and a lady I assumed was a customer. I had to wait in line for the restroom and right outside the door where was the proper place to stand, I found a magazine rack filled with pornographic magazines. Of course they had the most offensive graphics narrowly covered, but the type of magazine was without question. I felt so incredibly uncomfortable, vulnerable, and honestly a little sick to my stomach. I thought of Noah, my little son, and Riley my even younger grandson and the weightiness and gravity of the perverse world we live in hit me like a ton of bricks. Once inside the restroom, posted on the wall was an advertisement. I’m not quite certain what they were advertising to sell but the slogan was “for any mood you wish to create.” Again, mortified would be the most accurate description of my response. What is a mother and grandmother to do???

Does anyone care that I’m offended? I’m offended, rest assured, by the ugliness and gross sinfulness of the world around me. Sex outside of marriage is wrong, whether gay or straight, and displaying nude bodies to arouse sexual feelings and thoughts in public places…give me a break! And we wonder why there are so many rapes and children are being abducted and molested! The depravity we are engulfed in leads only to destruction. Where is the outcry for purity, for safety, for honor and value?

I’ve thought of the lengths I would go to, that I have gone to, and that I continue to, in effort to preserve innocence in the lives of my children, and then I find myself in what ought to be a safe public place facing blatant vulgarity. It disheartens me, saddens, even grieves my soul!!! I thought of how in most cases my son would have been right by my side had it not been a school day and how would I even begin to explain to him the purpose of those magazines? I dread the day! I deeply dread it for him more so because it is commonplace than if only it were marginal.

I can honestly say, if I were speaking to a man and had knowledge that he perused those types of things, I would be appalled and would have no more to say to him. It angers me in all honesty that anyone who claims any sense of morality would look on pornographic materials. After all, do they not have mothers, sisters, daughters? Well…every woman is someone’s child. UGGHHH, my heart is sore this morning in anguish over our loss of care, loss of honor, and of dignity. As children of God, we have no part with darkness, no business engaging what is evil and wrong. I’m truly sick of hearing arguments against adherence to Biblical teachings concerning sex, marriage, and all other topics in hot debate these days.

I know a battle is waging for the minds, hearts and souls of our children, and I for one will not give in or give over to what I know in my own soul to be wrong. If it offends God, it also offends me. Tolerance of evil will lead only to destruction and I for one won’t go along. I won’t say or act as if I agree with or honor what offends my heart. I truly feel sorry for those who are led to believe what is false. I often think of how twisted the thinking of so many has become. As if it is kinder to aid someone in their destruction, rather than to beckon them back to life and peace with the truth and love for their souls! Think about it…

What is prevalent in America today is hard for me to wrap my mind around. The matter of homosexuality tears me to pieces. Because there is sin in the world, some find themselves drawn toward that sin, just like others find themselves drawn toward heterosexual sin. Either is equally sin, however, scripture is clear in telling us that IF we belong to God, are followers of Him, we are to abstain from ALL sexual sin. If we say that homosexual relationships are not sinful, then we must say there is no such thing as sexual sin which requires us to disregard all references to sin in scripture. Now, I realize that is not a problem for atheists, but for anyone who professes hope in Christ, we are bound to the scriptures. How else do we know Christ apart from the testimony we have of HIm in the Holy Bible and the Spirit of truth that bears witness to it? Now, does it not require greater love for God and people, to speak truth, to walk according to His ways than to “tolerate” whatever is presented to us by the world?

I don’t believe God has changed from the character revealed to us in scripture from the beginning to the end. God executed judgement from Genesis through revelation either historically or prophetically. I fear for those who refuse to “repent.” Since sin entered the world, God’s message has consistently been “repent” and if people refuse, then judgement follows.

I studied some of the old testament scriptures a few years back and found again and again God telling a particular people that if they didn’t repent they would either die “by the sword, by famine, or by pestilence.” Do we realize that God could shut up the heavens and refuse to send rain to fall upon the earth and famine would follow? Do we believe that God indeed is sovereign over nature? I surely do. Do we believe that He can remove His hedge of protection and America fall into the hands of her enemies and be utterly destroyed? I do. Do we believe that He can send disease/pestilence against which our medicines have no power and thousands upon thousands die? I do. Does that mean I believe God is unloving and unkind? No, I believe He is first gracious, full of tender mercies and loving kindness, but that He is also just and righteous, Holy and mighty. If sin grieves a sinners heart, like mine, how much more does the heart of God break when those who claim to be His refuse to honor His ways and instead follow the ways of wickedness? How does He feel when children’s innocence is robbed, stolen away and sin ravages life after life after life?

There is coming a day and there will be a great separation between those who enjoy sin and those who hate it, and at that time all the secrets of men’s hearts will be revealed. Oh that we might be found righteous in His sight when He comes again to claim His own. For if we are not, we will not be claimed as one of His. Grave is our circumstance in this nation today. May we repent, may we repent for the sake of our children and of ourselves.

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