Longing for righteousness…

I’ve heard some say pride is at the root of all sin. I can see that. Wanting to have what we want from a selfish standpoint more than we want having peace, gentleness, and love in our relationships is certainly a form of prideful destructiveness. I’ve heard far too many harsh words hurled toward some of those closest to my heart over the course of time to ever fully rid my heart of sorrow in this life. All it takes is one step too far back in memory to bring old scar-covered wounds to the surface of my mind and heart. The worst part is I sometimes find myself seeing the same kind of ugliness being played out again in another life that is very close to mine and I could weep…I have wept, so many tears in fact, I think my mind and eyes have agreed the tears need no longer fall for they have not stopped the pain, not curtailed the will and way of the disobedient of heart who are always at the root of such misery. If only…oh if only those who wreak havoc would choose instead to invest the energy, time and desire to love, to be kind, to build up instead of tear down! I can imagine the beauty of that effort, the pure joy and the wonder that would arise from their lives, if only, if only, if only…

Since the very beginnings of time, men and women have thought they could choose their own ways and make for themselves a better, richer path than the one God Himself ordained for their feet to follow. That belief is as rampant today as has ever been and people living according to their own desires fill church pews regularly, coming and going without an ounce of surrender occurring in their daily lives. Certainly that is not true for all, but for many it is evident. Breaks my heart…arrogance and ugliness, hateful words, deceit and hostility, all of these things reveal a heart’s condition when exhibited just as surely as we see the fruits of God’s loving spirit in the lives of those who are surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, who set about to heal the broken-hearted, to bind up wounds, and to set the captives free. My goodness, my heart hurts tonight and those tears…they are breaking their deal, they may just have to fall even though they aren’t able to wash the troubles away. I am one leaky faucet!!! Smiles through the rain…smiles through the rain…that is how I live my life. I just keep smiling through the rain of my falling tears.

I truly love being able to sit down and pour my heart out in words knowing that someone may come along read a word or two and find they share in this same struggle with their own loved ones and can know they are not alone. Some of us have tender hearts and long for that time ahead when we will find ourselves in that Holy Place where there will be no harm, where children can play without threat and every tear will be forever wiped away.

I’m so thankful that because I have that living hope inside of me, I can look ahead with anxious anticipation of the life my mind and heart continually craves, when Jesus Himself will be the light that shines without ever growing dim, where righteousness and truth are fully known and nothing is hidden in secret. I love the scripture that tells us that all the secrets of men’s hearts will be revealed. I have asked God to cleanse my heart, to wash it and make it righteous and to keep it that way. I am so thankful that His Word tells us that He is able and willing to do just that. I pray that for those I love as well, for the Lord to clothe my son, my daughter, my grandson, my husband, and myself in the cloak of His righteousness and to keep us there sheltered in His protective covering. What a beautiful thought…to be clothed in the cloak of His righteousness.

May He bring hope and healing to me and to you.

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