Joy in the nest…

Oh what a flutter of activity was going on in and around our front porch yesterday afternoon. Mama and Daddy bird were excitedly singing and bustling to and fro with energy to spare. I wondered…have those little ones burst through the hard shell that held them both safe and captive for these many weeks of quiet and watchful anticipation? Watching constantly atop the carefully and wonderfully crafted nest, I finally caught a glimpse of two teeny, tiny little baby bird beaks pointed upward…Oh the joy of new life! What lessons we learn from watching God’s creatures do exactly what He created them to do. I’m always touched by the genuine bond evident between Mama and Daddy bird as they build together, watch together, and wait together before their young hatch, and then the continual tending that follows once they are able to see those darling little ones in all their glory.

I was anxious to look out for them this morning and already I can see the downy fuzz capping their tiny heads. Mama and Daddy are singing with delight as they glide open-winged on air carrying them to a place of plenty for gathering of food for their sweet ones. What a glorious plan unfolds…God created all that we need for us in the world wherein we are placed by His careful hand. I love being so close to nature, so able to see purity and beauty as it is lived out all around us.

This morning I face the day with hopeful anticipation of goodness and joy. May we live with grateful hearts for the abundance and plenty we have been given.

Psalm 150:6 “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord…”

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