My thoughts as the sun fades to night…the inevitability of loss

Oh the difficulties of life…I write this with a long, seemingly unending sigh as I realize that as long as there is breath, we will face struggles, trials, challenges, and hurts. Yet life remains a precious gift to be cherished in spite of the hardships we encounter along the way. Though some days are much kinder and gentler than others, each presents its own challenges and for those of us who are sensitive and thoughtful, few escape our notice and our feelings.

I was working upstairs just moments ago, toiling away with laundry and considering right along with my measureless blessings, the many concerns I’ve bore up under for all the years of my knowing…knowing the needs people have, the failures we make, the unanswered questions and the frustrations that never seem to fully unravel so that things can be simpler and easier for a while. No, simple and easy are two things that life is not nor will it ever be as long as sin and pain remain and as long as we care.

Even if life for any one of us is smooth and gentle for a span of time, we continue to care for those who suffer and we, in time, will suffer loss. The inevitability of loss with the passing of time plagues the wealthy, the wise, the poor and the simple. No one escapes the sadness inherent in life. Nevertheless, those of us who walk by faith live in hopeful expectation of life beyond this vale of tears. When time is past and we enter into eternity, the grave with death will have lost all power and the victory in Jesus will reveal to us that perfect place wherein there will be no harm. I can hardly imagine, yet I long for and trust in its coming. What a blessed hope and secure promise we received when Jesus came and fulfilled the prophesy of the Messiah, the annointed One! How I long for His sweet rest to come to me this evening!

When I hear of others passing without knowing of the condition of their soul, a stillness I find within where I mourn with a sadness too heavy for me. I must remember as I do, that for all who seek, there is a remedy for the soul, and His Name is Jesus. How many hear and fail to recognize the power and purity and promise in His Name? How it saddens me beyond measure to consider the awful loss of one who leaves this world behind with no hope of rest in Him.

So thankful tonight, that I serve a saving God, a Redeemer who desires that no one perish, but that all would come to Him and receive His gift of grace and everlasting life. The foundation is laid and the call has gone out. All of His ways are righteous. Even in our sorrow, there is peace in the truth of our loving God. I pray for those who are struggling and who are lost in darkness to turn to the life, the truth and the way. Death comes to the young and old alike. No one is promised the gift of tomorrow. May we live with a passionate purpose of seeking and sharing truth with wholehearted devotion. A wasted life is one not lived in obedience and surrender to the goodness of God; loving and serving Him while loving and serving others.

Isaiah 65:25 “…They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My Holy Mountain saith the Lord.”

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