Reverence – A feeling of deep respect, love, and awe…

I have so many things I need to do today and can’t seem to get very far along with any of it until I’ve taken the time to get some of my thoughts down here, so I’ve come now to sit and to pour out what keeps streaming through my mind this morning.

I think of Jesus many times throughout every day. Sometimes, I think of His mercy; sometimes of His great and sacrificial love for us. Other times I think of His suffering…Today, I’m thinking of the reverence of which He is worthy.

People differ, one from another, in their understandings and conceptions of the Lord. I am forever drawn back to those old testament passages that speak of the majesty and awesome power of God, and how those who came near Him trembled at His presence and fell down upon their faces in fear. When Isaiah glimpsed the Lord he was overcome with the guilt of his sin in the presence of Holy God. Jesus, we know, is the express image of God the Father, mighty and wonderful is He!

I recognize that The Holy Spirit takes up residence in us when we are saved, yet I still find myself in awe of the greatness of God and my smallness in His presence. When needing to pray, I must rely on the Holy Spirit to convey my need as words are inadequate for the expression of my soul without His help.

Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder if many in our midst are missing reverence. Though Jesus came as flesh in the form of a man, He was the God-man, sinless, blameless, and perfect. If He had not come in this way, man could not have stood in His presence as humans anymore than we could stand in the presence of God. Remember, we learned in the old testament that man would die if he beheld the face of the Lord.

As Christ put on flesh,  we were enabled to look upon Him and draw near. But…He is still God’s Son, Holy and Righteous, and worthy of all honor, glory and praise…with reverence we are to approach Him.

When we see Jesus, through the lens of Revelation and how He will return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, mighty and wonderful, meeting out justice upon the earth, surely we recognize our need to reverence Him.

May we live in humility considering what it means to give reverence and honor to our Savior.

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