How do I want to be remembered?

I think this is a question worthy of consideration. Surely, we live in such a way that a theme emerges, one that for others will define our existence in their minds once we depart. How, then, do I choose to live in order to leave behind something of value for those I love?

More than anything, I hope to leave behind memories that can be cherished, memories that make hearts smile. Laughter and warmth rank high in my hopes of what will linger behind me when I’m gone, and life lessons that make the path smooth and bright. I hope my children will learn to love others by watching me, by hearing words of kindness. I want them to know and understand the vast importance of forgiveness and patience. Every life equally matters…that’s what I truly believe and I hope that message lodges firmly in the hearts of my loved ones and those I teach as well. Life is such a beautiful gift! I hope I will be remembered for savoring the good things in life, for delighting in God’s love for me and for the world; for honoring Him in my walk through each and every day.

Having a heart of gratitude and a mouth that gives praise and thanksgiving freely and continually opens others’ eyes to the gifts that abound each day affording us life and health along with all other things needed to sustain us.

I hope to be remembered for loving my country and my home; my family, friends and community; for remembering the suffering of others in their time of need, both in my prayers and through the work and giving of my hands.

I would hope that remembering me would bring a settling of peace on the hearts and minds of my girl and my boy, that they would remember Mama’s love for them, for God, for Daddio, and for life reverencing the simple beauty and plenteous grace given from God’s loving hands.

Peace…being able to part with those we love knowing with full assurance of their eternal destiny and that they closed their eyes to this world only to open them to the glories of heaven…there could be no greater gift to leave behind for those who love us.

I often think of the scripture that speaks of having “a quiet and gentle spirit.” Everyone who knows me knows that I am very much a talker. I, like the canary, must daily sing because the joys and thoughts of my heart insist on being shared! But this quiet and gentle spirit mentioned in scripture speaks to something far deeper than verbal expression…it is the peacefulness of a soul made quiet by the gentle presence of God’s Holy presence dwelling there. That is what I hope to be remembered for…the presence of the Lord resting in and on me, loving others to Him by living a life of thanksgiving and grace. May this be my gift to them…a life lived in love and peace, fulfilling the purpose for my being…to bring glory to God.

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