Simple goodness…

Do you ever feel like life is passing too quickly? I guess it doesn’t really matter how we feel, the truth is what it is regardless. For many years, I believed I would continue to experience life in the same way as I always had, but now I recognize things are changing…I am changing…

I’m more tired than I used to be and I let go of things that I once clung to as if I could truly, by my clinging, control. It’s not so anymore…At the end of the day or when I rise with the sun, I do so knowing that nothing is in my power. I cannot even be sure I will find breath when I draw for it in the next second, nor can I ensure it for those I love. Moment by moment, we are each at the mercy of God and will have only as He wills.

I have done more than my fair share of fretting over the years. I’ve worried and wrung my hands, walked the floors and shed enough tears to fill a small sea and to what end? I smile as I consider…I guess it just made me older and more tired…it certainly didn’t spare me sorrow or lessen my pain. Maybe, though, it laid the foundation for a much-needed lesson to be learned. Life comes and life goes whether we embrace and celebrate it or resist and fight against it. We control so little, nothing really, only how we choose to engage it.

For many years, I failed to see the simplicity that could be chosen; to leave the hard things up to the Good Lord and enjoy trusting Him with the outcome. He alone has power and authority over all. I am but dust…I’m realizing that more and more every day.

I laugh easier now and thoroughly enjoy the simple things in life…I enjoy the birds building their nests on the front porch; lazy afternoons in the swing when the weather is warm; babies cuddling in my arms; silly things children say; seeing the sunrise and sunset every day; waving to a friend as we pass in car line when picking up our little ones; fresh sheets and a nicely made bed; clean floors and windows; good food and money to buy it; paid bills; home…flowers that bloom from season to season, the many changes of Spring, Fall, Winter, and Summer; having good clothes to put on; hugs; warmth; comfort…Life is good and it is a gift, a fleeting one, too precious to waste away by worry.

Everyone gets to choose in time. We get to choose what we will do with what we’ve been given. I choose to enjoy the good and let go of all the rest.

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