Life with Noah…

Raising this tender and sensitive little boy is such an amazing journey. So full of life, of wonder, and of questions, he has listened and pondered all he has heard from early on and brought question after profound question to “Mama.”

From those early days of preschool when he would come home and ask me to pray for his little friends and their families in times of sickness and death to asking me to pray for that little bear cub’s lost Mama to be found that he heard about on animal planet, I’ve watched his child-like faith emerge and grow.

Last year, he asked so many heart-tugging questions about Judas betraying Christ and what Judas’ eternal fate would be. He said, “what he did to Jesus was awful, but he felt so bad about it afterwards that he killed himself. Mama do you think the Lord forgave him?” He said this with apparent hurt in his heart over the fate of Judas as well as the heartache Jesus suffered from being betrayed.

One of my all-time favorite memories of Noah is of him telling the story I had read to him about the Hebrew children in the fiery furnace. With eyes wide and bright with intense delight, he would say, “they would not bow down! They came out of that fire and didn’t even smell like smoke!” He loved that story so much and loved to share it. One day while we were having lunch in the Pic-O-Deli a white-haired man approached our table, simply walking by to leave when Noah looked up to him and said, “Do you know about Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednigo?” To which the old gentleman responded, “I sure do!” Noah just shook his head and said to the old fella, “they wouldn’t bow down.” To which the man agreed, “no, they didn’t.” What a delight…

I guess his next favorite was about Jonah. Once I would read to him one of these powerful stories from scripture it seemed to take up residence in his little mind where he would rehearse it again and again, clearly enjoying thinking about the miraculous power God displayed. He would say, “Jonah went to Tarshish instead of going to Ninevah to preach like God told him to do and then that storm tossed him into the ocean and he was swallowed by that whale where he stayed for three days.” I would ask, “well what happened then.” He would say, “it spit him out and he went to Ninevah and preached like God had told him to do.”

Riding in silence yesterday just as early light removed night’s darkness to reveal the morning sky, he asked, “Mama how do we love Jesus when He isn’t here with us?” Then after I explained that Jesus is with us and how we know He is, he then asked, “what does it mean to love Jesus with your whole heart and how do we do that?” On and on the questions went. Questions from the mind of one so young, so open and honest, just about brings me to tears and reminds me of Jesus’ Words, “let the little children come to me,”  “the faith of a little child,” and “such as these are the kingdom of heaven.” I surely believe it and am drawn ever closer to the Lord as I listen and watch the pure belief and love of a little child manifested in such pure and honest words. May we be so honest as they, so sincere and earnest in our thoughts and words.

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  1. Andrea, thank your for sharing a little piece of Noah’s world. It’s so encouraging to hear the outward evidences of his heart and mind. And what fun it will be to see how the Lord uses him. Maybe this will turn into a book–maybe part of a biography in future years of what a great man of God was like as a child and how his mother influenced him.

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