The words from Psalm 90:14 have been on my mind this morning. I remember when I came across them long ago and I saw such truth in them. “O satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.” Surely, if we don’t find satisfaction in the Lord’s rich and plentiful mercies, there is nothing that will ever satisfy our hearts, minds, and lives.

I’ve lived it in my own journey and watched it in so many others’ lives, the pursuit of satisfaction in things or accomplishments or relationships; always coming up lacking and empty in spite of what we’ve accumulated or achieved. Nothing this world has to offer is of lasting satisfaction.

I think about possessions, how we work to buy things and how proud we may be of them initially, but often the luster quickly fades and it becomes just one more thing to tend to, to upkeep, to worry over. Now, sure, we need homes and a way to get to the places we need to go and clothes to cover our bodies, food to eat, etc., but how much more do we spend precious time and energy pursuing only to find once we have procured them that they cannot truly satisfy what we most need…peace…

I’ve thought about how much I enjoy our home and I am so thankful we have all that we need and more, but having the exact same things that we have in the absence of peace would render them comfortless. I know God has provided for us and there is peace in that knowledge. I am content where we are and with what God has provided, always aware that He is the Giver.

I love this scripture verse because it reminds me again and again of what matters most and of the measureless gift of mercy, mercy that we don’t deserve, but are blessed to have all the same.

I hope this brings comfort to others as it has to me this morning.

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1 Response to Satisfaction

  1. Karen Hardwell says:

    Thanks, friend, for sharing this verse. Needed it!

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