The difference…

I so often think of the many differences in the lives of human beings based on beliefs. I see so many people, young and old, miserable, floundering, seeking something for which they have no words to clarify. An insatiable restlessness aggravates and propels them this way and that, only to find the end of all pursuits leads them back to the same place of want. What is it inside that creates such unease and unsettling need?

Ultimately, we are made to bring glory to our Creator, yet many refuse to honor this truth and instead choose to believe we are here by happenstance, without divine purpose. If there is no Creator and there is no divine purpose, there is no purity, no sovereignty, and nothing to be discerned as good or evil. Oh, the anguish in that hopelessness is exasperating! No wonder those without a sense of ultimate purpose flounder, but what of those who have been exposed to the truth of scripture and choose to live in opposition to it? I easily see why they, too, experience the restless unease displayed in abundance in our world.

I’ve spoken at length with a loved one who stated that “if there is a God” she doesn’t “need Him.” And went on to say that she doesn’t “need God to explain her existence.” Yet, these words she shared in tearful brokenness. My heart endured such heaviness as I listened and watched the unfolding of her story. In some ways it reminded me of another person who, while being engaged by my husband who was beckoning him to surrender to God’s good will, mockingly refused. In each of these relationships, the unbelievers were being called in love and gentleness to God’s unchanging truth. In mercy and grace, a loving call was extended, and was not received. Neither of these encounters were planned on the part of myself or my husband. We were called and visited by the ones to whom we spoke. We simply gave an answer concerning the hope that lives within us because of Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

I continue to hope and pray for both of these and for all others who don’t know the loving experience of walking hand in hand with Jesus. It is not a once a week experience of sitting in a church pew listening to a preacher. It is a continual relationship wherein all of the soul’s longings are satisfied. Jesus said, “come to me and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) He alone fills the hungry soul, settles the spirit of man, and fulfills the deepest desires of the heart. One human cannot meet all the needs of another. We can walk together, talk together, share the burdens of life and even lighten one another’s load, but ultimately God alone is the source of all that we need. May we find it! May we take the time and put forth the effort to enter into the will of God and remain there, serving Him and others as He wills for us to do so that we may bring Him glory and be filled with the richness of His loving kindness for the remainder of our days.

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  1. Carol Garrett says:

    Very good article and insight.

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